Out with Dad: Season 3 (Episodes 1-5)


After a brief fundraising and filming hiatus, Toronto-based web series Out with Dad has returned for a third season. The show is now partly funded by a television distribution deal with France Television, and Season 3 will debut on French airwaves on February 15, 2014. Out With Dad has released an episode per day since last Friday, and will end with the mid-season finale airing tonight. (We’ll post it here for your viewing pleasure on Thursday!) In “Starting Out,” Rose and Nathan move into a new place and Rose wonders if her dinner with Claire is a date.

On the second episode (“Dining In & Out”), Rose meets Claire’s family.

Then the drama gets real during dinner in “Storming In & Out.”

In episode four (“Swashbuckling Adventures of Making Out”), Claire and Rose go to the movies.

In “Outed,” Rose finds that she’s the target of unwanted attention at school.

Check back soon for a new episode of Out with Dad. Visit outwithdad.com for more in the meantime.

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