Watch Now! Dear Prudence gives advice to a closeted lesbian


Slate’s resident advice giver Prudence answered a question from a lesbian PhD student who wants to know if and when she should come out to her research lab co-workers. Specifically, how should she act at a bachelorette party?

Although I think Prudence gave some great advice to Unconventional Bachelorette, I do want to add that it is totally fine to be a lesbian at a straight girl’s pre-wedding party. Sure the penises will be on all kinds of necklaces, straws and other inanimate objects, but they aren’t for anything other than LOLing about. If there’s a male stripper, it’s also likely to be more hilarious than sexy, for everyone involved.

As for coming out to your co-workers, this actually might be the perfect time to do it if you feel comfortable. It’s an outside of work situation, which means your personal life. If they want you to participate in their personal lives, than they should receive an invitation to yours, too. Bring your own vagina straw to really drive the point home! (Just kidding. Those are harder to find.)

What advice would you offer to someone coming out in a professional turned personal environment?

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