“McManusLand” (1.1): “I am Oprah!”


This week, in celebration of the release of McManusLand Season 2 on Tellofilms.com, we’ll be running Season 1 of the mockumentary series about trying to “make it” in Hollywood. McManusLand stars Bridget McManus, Karman Kregloe, Fortune Feimster, Trish Bendix and features music by Sick of Sarah.

Out actress/comedian Bridget McManus is this close to hitting the big time, and she’s convinced that she can reach her goals of fame and stardom if she just focuses (on becoming Oprah).

In the first episode, Bridget calls a family meeting, tries to find her Zen place, and generally wreaks havoc on her wife’s work-from-home life.


Check back tomorrow for another episode of McManusLand.

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