Say Hello to Elizona on “Grey’s Anatomy”


Things are heating up on Grey’s Anatomy, and lesbian sparks are flying.

We all knew Arizona was going to move on eventually, but many of us were wondering once Eliza Minnick set foot on screen if it really had to be with her. Eliza is abrasive, cocky, forward, and pretty destructive within the Grey’s clique –  largely due to how she handles teaching her craft. Arizona has been through the emotional ringer, and the risky behavior that comes along with pairing up with Minnick could lead to some serious crash and burn.

Eliza Minnick has been enemy of the state number one since arriving at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as a consultant, because let’s face it, nobody likes an outsider coming in to tell everyone how to do their jobs. Even though Dr. Minnick’s methods are controversial, the residents are pushing back a bit harder than is really fair to a newcomer, including Meredith, who completely refuses to allow Minnick to join one of her surgeries.

At first, Arizona, similar to the way she dealt with the infant phases of her relationship with Callie, rebuts most of Eliza’s advances, proclaiming she disliked the way Minnick “struts around the hospital like she runs the place.” However, Minnick’s newfound vulnerability that’s uncovered after the death of a young child on the surgical table shakes her up, giving Arizona pause over the potential spark between the two. Maybe Eliza’s ice cold hard can be melted after all, and typical Arizona can’t resist an opportunity to nurture.


Things move swiftly for Elizona once they bond over the loss of a life, but they continue to dance around it,  pretending to still be at odds – at least within earshot of their colleagues.  Their feeble attempts to abruptly pivot their flirty conversations to condemning ones leads Arizona to tell Eliza that she doesn’t want to pretend she dislikes her. In fact, Arizona wants everyone to see and understand how good of a person Eliza actually is, and just to show Arizona how good she really is, Eliza  boldly makes the first move and tells her to stop talking so they can share their first smooch.


Since that first kiss, Arizona and Eliza have maintained a secret relationship, and the reason for their covert canoodling is not actually clear. The hospital is already about as incestuous as it gets when it comes to inter-office relationships, so what gives? Regardless of the real reason, Eliza and Arizona sneak around like school girls, taking advantage of every forbidden make out session they can. Last night’s “Civil War” episode followed the two lovebirds as they planned a real date night and traded innuendo about pierogis, which is a sure fire way to win over my Pittsburgher heart.

Eliza makes an enticing comment about Arizona tasting her pierogis in Polish, and did anyone else ever realize that Polish was so sexy? All of that buildup left us hanging though, as the two went down for a nap. Yes, a literal nap. Upon waking, their sleepy-eyed kiss was interrupted by none other than Dr. Webber, who stared in shock as if he had caught his own wife making out with a woman. Scandalous.

Now that Webber knows about Elizona, the news is bound to go viral at the hospital (couldn’t resist), and people are NOT going to be happy. As we saw in “Civil War” last night, animosity between all of the doctors is growing, and most of it revolves around the shared dislike of Dr. Eliza Minnick, Catherine Avery, and the way they’re shaking up the world of Grey Sloan Memorial. Tension among peers and friends isn’t the only thing that’s heating up though, because the chemistry between Arizona and Eliza is bound to build during all of this discontent. Hopefully we’ll get to see way more than napping code words between these two sooner rather than later.

Are you shipping Elizona or do you miss Calzona too much to bother? Let us know in the comments!


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