Two web series about lesbians falling for their best friends


You’re probably well aware of  Tello, the producers and distributors of lesbian-focused web series. They’ve been around for a while now (2007) and what we love most about them is their commitment to standing up against the “bury your gays” trope we so often see on network TV shows. In fact, if you read Tello’s “About” page, they promise to not offer any programming that ends with  the death of a lesbian character. So if that mission statement intrigues you, now is a good time to go over to their website because a few series there have piqued our interest of late, and two of them seem to center around a common theme: lesbians falling for their BFF’s.

Maybelle is a southern drama that explores the life of a gay woman in the south who must learn to live for herself after her mother’s death. 35 year-old Maybelle Garris is still in love with her best friend from high school, and we won’t give spoilers except to assure you that she indeed does not die. Here is the trailer, which was released last year.


The Flannel Channel focuses on a similar theme, but with a very different cast of characters. The series doesn’t offer a lengthy description, only the tagline, “What happens when you fall in love with your best friend (who is bi)?”

The Flannel Channel has five episodes to watch so far, and Maybelle has six in total. You can sign up for Tello’s premium subscription service (which is cheaper than Netflix, by the way, and infinitely gayer) to binge all of them. Or have you already? What did you think?

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