Fan Fiction: Clexa is revived in this #RaiseYourGays Anthem


Fans of San Junipero and The 100 will appreciate this fan fiction video sent to us by AfterEllen readers who have started their own hashtag. #RaiseYourGays, and the Youtube channel of the same name, is a response the #BuryYourGays initiative on Twitter. After a rough 2016, the Bury Your Gays TV trope, also called Dead Lesbian Syndrome, left Clexa fans (The 100 couple Clarke and Lexa) devastated by the killing off of Lexa. The death sparked an uproar from LGBT fans amid a wave of gay character killings on other shows including The Walking Dead, The Magicians, and Jane the Virgin. AfterEllen has written about this long-standing trope and the way Hollywood treats gay and lesbian characters both on TV and in films in previous articles. Fortunately, we have new shows like Wynonna Earp popping up, with a female creator who pledges to keep her lesbian couple alive. And last year, a group of show writers and producers created and LGBT Fans Deserve Better Pledge, also called #TheLexaPledge. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 4.14.32 PM

Still, fans are not over losing Lexa, and most of us fear what new gay deaths will come to haunt us in 2017. That’s where fan fiction can come in handy. There is actually quite a lot of it to be found, as a quick Google search will reveal a kingdom of fandom awaits on the subject of #Clexa alone. We like the way this fan video revives our favorite TV couple, and we think you’ll approve. In this version of the Clexa love storyline, Clarke and Lexa get to live forever in City of Light/San Junipero/San Juniclexa. Enjoy, Clexa fans, and stay strong!


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