‘Wynonna Earp’ S2. E10: No Good Options



Previously on Wynonna Earp, Tucker Gardner faked his own death to slip away from the Widows, then tried to kill Rosie, who didn’t die because she’s a Revenant; Wynonna asked Doc to give up his ring of immortality in order to free Sheriff Clootie and try to break the Earp curse; Waverly kissed Rosie and instantly regretted it, then almost got abducted by Tucker; and finally Not Mercedes showed up at Nicole’s house and definitely was not selling Girl Scout cookies.

This week picks up where last week left off: Nicole opens the door to find Not Mercedes standing there and her first question isn’t, “Why are you dressed like you’re wearing a Black Widow spider costume when it’s not Halloween?” (seriously, look at the butt of that dress!) but rather a comment on how awful Not Mercedes looks, what with the head wound and all.

Not Mercedes attacks her immediately, certain that Nicole must have the seal because her magic rings said so. Not knowing that she’s looking for a ring specifically, Not Mercedes says what she’s looking for is old and metal and maybe Nicole didn’t know she just had it lying around. Because you know, that narrows it down. Waverly miraculously appears right at that moment, randomly holding a long stick that she breaks in half to replicate her training weapons of last episode. (So many questions here. Did she bring the stick with her? If so, why didn’t she pre-break it? Why doesn’t she carry bladed weapons, which would seem more effective?) Waverly starts to lay the smack down on Not Mercedes, but the Widow eventually gets the upper hand. Nicole dives in to save Waverly, but gets bitten on the arm in the process.


Jenny Schecter was the best. Say it. Say it!

At the hospital, Wynonna asks Sheriff Nedley for help. He agrees, claiming it’s about time to take back Purgatory from the demons. It turns out that Wynonna’s not there for Nicole, however, but for Mercedes, who…well, is doing about as well as one can without a face. Just then, Wynonna hears a familiar, panicked voice: Waverly. Nicole has stopped breathing.

As she’s wheeled into the operating room, Waverly’s eyes meet that of the nurse: it’s Mattie Perley, better known as “The Blacksmith,” a minor witch from season 1 who Constance Clootie killed after Mattie bound the skull of one of Constance’s sons to Waverly. Waverly doesn’t seem to react, but we the viewers recognize this as a Clue.