“Lip Service” sets a return date and teases us with a Season 2 trailer


Lick those lips, lesbians, because Lip Service is coming back with all your favorites and then some. The U.K. series returns Friday, April 20 at 9 p.m. on BBC Three with Cat, Frankie, Sam, Tess and Sadie and a few new faces for six new episodes.

To whet our appetites even more, the BBC Three has released a short teaser trailing to give us a taste of the snogging and shagging, err, I mean very serious lesbian drama to expect in the second season.


So it looks like the Sam-Cat-Frankie triangle has very much not been resolved yet. We meet the new girl Lexy (played by Aussie actress Anna Skellern), Frankie and Tess’ new flatmate. She is described in the Lip Service promos as “a sexy, funny and straight-talking Australian doctor who instantly makes an impression on Tess.” Skellern looks to play a big part in this coming season, so much so that UK lesbian magazine Diva featured her on the cover along with Heather Peace (who plays beloved Hot Cop Sam) and Ruta Gedmintas (who plays lesbian lothario not-Shane, Frankie).

My, aren’t everyone’s belts are looking very lesbian today?

Series creator Harriet Braun (who just joined Twitter this week – follow her @HarrietBraun), discussed the new season with the BBC and said expect a darker, more grown-up second season.

First time around, I looked at people at a pivotal age — late 20s or early 30s, trying to get what they want and avoiding making the same mistakes again. This time it’s about what happens when you get what you want and it isn’t quite what you expected — or you can’t have what you want.

Along with Skellern’s Lexy, another new face to the fold will be Sinéad Keenan (who many will recognize as Nina from fellow BBC3 series Being Human). Keenan will play Nora, a fellow actor who causes some headaches for Tess (Fiona Button) in her new play. And then later in the season Neve Mcintosh will join the cast as Lauren, a “steely magazine editor.”

Braun said adding new members to an established cast can be tricky, but she wanted to expand the stories. And, she said, she wanted to continue to tell stories about gay women that aren’t seen as much on TV today.

I tried to do something different with Lip Service. Often when you see gay characters in a show, their stories revolve around issues like coming out or homophobia. Those stories are important, they raise awareness and reflect the struggles many people still go through, but I feel it’s also important at this point in time, to see characters who happen to be gay but their sexuality is depicted as part of their lives, it’s not their main focus.

To promote the new series, BBC3 has begun releasing a series of short online monologues by each character. The series kicks off with Frankie talking about her first kiss. It was with a French girl named Monique. Of course it was, Frankie, of course.


Right, so, are you ready for more Lip Service? And remember once the series returns to come back to AfterEllen.com on Mondays to read the smashing recaps by our own Sara and Lee from Great LezBritain.