Kate McKinnon will join “Saturday Night Live”


In the best news ever, Kate McKinnon is expected to join Saturday Night Live when it returns on April 7.

You will recognize Kate from her time spent on Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show and in last year’s Vag Magazine web series. Both showcased her talent at immersing herself into characters like Fitzwilliam, the boy who wanted a vagina, and Bethany, a feminist magazine writer.

Kate will be the first ever out lesbian on Saturday Night Live in its 37 years on air. The show has had its fair share of lesbian skits, kisses and jokes, but the addition of a real live lesbian comic is really something to celebrate. Some blogs are bemoaning SNL‘s choice to add another white woman to the cast instead of a desperately needed woman of color, but this is a landmark of its own.

In 2007, Kate joked with us about “always wanting to be a lesbian comedian,” but spoke truthfully about being out in comedy.

As minorities, we’re on the fringe, and there’s just something so wonderful about that perspective, something so inspiring. If you’re part of that minority, you can make fun of those people while respecting them and lifting them up.

In 2009, Kate won Logo’s Rising Comic Award and she’s always been a friend to us at AfterEllen.com. We can’t wait to see the impersonations and the character comedy she will bring to the show, as well as the innate gayness.

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