Watch now! Bianca Lawson shouts out at the “Bully” premiere


If you follow the cast of Pretty Little Liars on Twitter, you know that all of them, especially Shay Mitchell, have been talking up the film Bully, which opens in theaters tomorrow. When the documentary premiered in Hollywood this week, another PLL and favorite was on-hand: the always lovely Bianca Lawson. ClevverTV caught up with her on the red carpet to talk about whether or not she was bullied growing up and whether or not Maya really died in the PLL finale. She also gave a shout-out.


Here’s a Pretty Little Liars fun fact: I have never interviewed an actor from that show who hasn’t gotten choked up about the part they play in helping gay and lesbian teens accept their sexuality. Both Lindsey Shaw and Bianca Lawson reacted so strongly to the letters I read them from readers that it took them several minutes to gather themselves. Knowing that they are really making a difference in viewers’ lives seemed to touch them deeply. (If I’m being really honest, I always cry when they cry, so I usually have to sit through a five-minute sniffle-fest when I’m transcribing the interviews.)

Hollywood is a soul-crushing, identity-breaking machine, and seeing actors who are fighting the good fight always fills me with such a sense of hope. Kudos to Bianca for lending her face to The Bully Project, and may Maya St. Germain enjoy the Rosewood, PA Zombie Clause, allowing her to rise from the dead at her leisure in season three.

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