“Glee” adds LiLo and Whoopi to close out Season 3


Remember last summer when Glee Svengali Ryan Murphy said there weren’t going to be any guest stars in Season 3? Oh, how we laughed. Because, as we all know, the only real rule in the Glee universe is all rules will be broken. To wit, the announcement yesterday of two very special guest stars coming to the last few episodes of the third season of Glee.

TVline.com reports that both Lindsay Lohan and Whoopi Goldberg have signed on to guest star. Lilo will apparently be playing herself. So, you know, no stretch there. She will appear as one of the celebrity judges at Nationals. Whoopi meanwhile will appear in a three-episode arc as Carmen Tibideaux, a theatrical grande dame and NYADA professor who will judge Kurt and Rachel’s auditions, and deliver the final verdict.

The two big-name stars join Ricky Martin, Nene Leakes, Helen Mirren (well, Helen Mirren’s voice) and Matt Bomer as guest stars on the season without guest stars. Idina Menzel also returned to reprise her role, but we’ll let that one slide because Shelby has recurred since season one. Meanwhile, White Collar’s Bomer will make his debut as Blaine’s big brother when Glee returns April 10 in an episode appropriately called “Big Brother.”

And to think, it was just last June when Murphy told TVLine.com that “We’re not going to have any guest stars” in season 3. With half a dozen guest stars already this season, it’ll be interesting to see how many more the show can pack in to the finale eight episodes. The season finale will air May 22. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect when those loveble scamps at McKinley High return.


I know, I know. We’re all crying at the sight of Naya Rivera in her graduation robes. But, the good news is Santana’s impending graduation sets up my dream spin-off: Brittana: Sweet Lady Kisses & Gay Sharks Forever.

So, thoughts on these two new guest stars? The return of Glee? The matriculation of some of our favorite characters?