Jenna-Louise Coleman is Doctor Who’s next companion


Sometimes being wrong just feels so right.

Reel your minds back in, because I’m talking about the identity of Doctor Who’s new companion. Last week, we reported the latest rumors from just outside the Tardis, which pointed to Sophia Myles as next lucky soul to travel through time with the Doctor.

But alas, in following the signs, we forgot that Brits drive on the opposite side of the street. (I don’t know what that means, but a senseless excuse is better than none. Isn’t it?)

Today we learned that the new companion is, in fact, someone we’ve known and loved for quite awhile: Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Oh my.

Coleman appeared in Emmerdale as Jasmine Thomas, who had a short-lived lesbian relationship with the unfortunately named Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb).

Debbie (Charley Webb) and Jasmine (Jenna Louise Coleman)

Although the storyline turned into trope in its early days when Debbie’s dad got Jenna pregnant, it indicated that Emmerdale would continue including les/bi teens in the soap after lesbian Zoe Tate (Leah Bracknell) left town. Debbie and Jasmine reunited briefly a few years later.

Doctor Who‘s executive producer/lead writer Steven Moffat told reporters that casting the role seemed impossible, but seeing Matt (Smith) with Coleman clinched it:

It’s not often the Doctor meets someone who can talk even faster than he does, but it’s about to happen. Jenna is going to lead him his merriest dance yet. And that’s all you’re getting for now. Who she’s playing, how the Doctor meets her, and even where he finds her, are all part of one of the biggest mysteries the Time Lord ever encounters. Even by the Doctor’s standards, this isn’t your usual boy meets girl.

Coleman talked to the BBC about getting the part. She is, well, excited.


Could she be any cuter? I am so glad she’s 25 so I don’t have to feel too icky about getting lost in those cheekbones.

In the official BBC announcement this morning, Moffat revealed more about the change in companions. (Spoilers ahead.)

-“Amy & Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvillbow) will leave in a final encounter with the Weeping Angels in Ep. 5. Not everyone gets out alive — and I mean it this time!”

-The new season will have six episodes, including the Christmas special. Coleman’s character appears first at Christmas.

-The 50th anniversary season will have eight episodes.

Some Whovians believe that the new companion will be from another planet, but no word on that yet. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, weigh in on Jenna-Louise Coleman as Doctor Who’s next companion.

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