Doctor Who’s next companion seems Myles closer


Doctor Who Season 7 is shooting in Spain (try not to spit if you say that out loud) and Karen Gillan is pretty excited about it.

But try as I might, I can’t keep feeling sad when I see Gillan as Amy Pond, knowing that her time as the Doctor’s companion is coming to an end. I will miss you, Pond.

I did, however, see news this week that soothed my hurting heart. Bleeding Cool’s Nick Halliday put together some seemingly random events that might add up to a very welcome possibility: That Sophia Myles, who appeared with the Tenth Doctor as Madame de Pompadour, aka Reinette, in “The Girl in the Fireplace,” may be the Eleventh Doctor’s next companion.

Consider the evidence.

Doctor Who is filming in Spain and over the weekend, Myles tweeted about luggage problems in Spain. (Side note: She also says Spanish Cheetos are called Tronkess and they are awesome. You’re welcome.)

You’re welcome again.

Myles has been tweeting a lot, in fact, with showrunner Steven Moffat, who recently told his followers that they should follow @sophiamyles for reasons he would “explain later.” Hmm. Moffat, btw, wrote “The Girl in the Fireplace” — the only episode he wrote that season.

She recently gave an interview to Benjamin Cook, who works for Doctor Who Magazine. We don’t know the context of the interview, but the magazine apparently knows who the next companion is. And the pub’s editor, Tom Spilsbury, also has become Myles’ tweet buddy.

As the above tweet mentions, Myles is going to appear at the official Doctor Who convention in a few weeks. As Halliday points out, that would be the perfect occasion to announce the new companion.

Sure, Reinette died at the end of “Fireplace,” but since when has death stopped a character on Doctor Who? Besides, judging by Myles’ past roles, she has a thing for the undead.

What think ye, Whovians? Coincidences or clues? Would you be happy with Sophia Myles as the next companion?

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