“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.19): Love means never having to say I’m sorry for killing your girlfriend’s girlfriend


They always say you hurt the ones you love. But, come on, Lost Girl – by killing her girlfriend? And I thought Jane shooting Maura’s biological father on Rizzoli & Isles was bad. This takes it to a whole new level. I mean, on the one hand, it’s wish fulfillment. Who amongst us did not wish at some point that Nadia would just, you know, go away? But, on the other hand, it’s the ultimate dealbreaker. There is no appropriate greeting card or bouquet big enough to say, “Oops, I killed your girlfriend. My bad. Wanna make out?”


Lauren is in the shower. Lauren is naked in the shower. Lauren is naked in the shower while warm water rushes all over her body. Lauren is naked in the shower while warm water rushes all over her body when Nadia comes up from behind the shower curtain and pulls a total Psycho. It is terrifying and heartbreaking and the very definition of a lady-boner killer. Nothing like a girlfriend channeling Norman Bates with an enormous kitchen knife to kill the steamy shower mood.


Nadia is sick, and Lauren is tirelessly trying to fix her. Single-minded Dr. Hotpants is always my favorite Hotpants, even if the object of her attention this time isn’t Bo. It’s still a wonder to watch that woman work. But things aren’t exactly working in her relationship with Nadia since the great awakening. Nadia feels sick and has blackouts. She snaps at Lauren. And there’s that whole cutting her hand and tasting her own blood thing.

And, as many of you have guessed, her illness has little to do with the common cold and everything to do with the uncommon Garuda. Her blood is somehow infected with a Fae-like virus or a Garuda virus or the Garuda himself – it’s a little unclear. But she’s some seriously sinister supernatural juju running through her veins that makes her attack Lauren, Kenzi, Bo. And when she’s not physically assaulting them, she’s pumping Lauren for intel on the Ash and Fae — which Lauren gladly gives up thinking she’s helping her relationship. Oh, Lauren, honey.

Which leads us back to the central theme of the episode, both for Lauren and for Kenzi, which is that keeping secrets in a relationship is bad for the relationship. Lauren’s secret – her work for the Fae and her love for Bo – gnaw at her while Nadia/The Garuda try to gnaw it out of her. And Kenzi’s secret – her work for the Fae and love (in a less naked way) for Bo – gnaw at her while poor Nate continues to be oblivious and ultimately gets dumped for his own safety. Man, it is hard out there for a human lady who wants to help a Fae lady, I tell ya.


And then we come to the grand dramatic moment to beat all grand dramatic moments. To call this scene a Doccubus scene is technically correct, as this is the only interaction between Bo and Lauren all episode. And to say that this scene displays the love Bo feels for Lauren is also technically correct. But what this scene really is is a heartbreaker – for all parties involved.

After Nadia attacks Lauren, Kenzi and Bo, she realizes something evil is inside of her. Something she can’t stop. Something filed with hatred. Something that only wants to kill. It’s the Garuda, or some sort of possession by the Garuda, that is both trying to find out information about the Fae and trying to destroy everything in sight. It’s pretty awful, and you can’t help feeling sorry for Nadia – the real Nadia – who is trapped inside her own body just looking for a way to escape the pain.


And then, then she does it. She asks the un-askable. She asks Lauren to kill her: “You’ve got to stop it while you still can. The pain. Kill me now.” But Lauren can’t. So she asks Bo to do the un-askable. She asks Bo to kill her girlfriend. “Bo do it. Do it for her. Do it for me. Do it.”

But Bo can’t do it. And Lauren can’t do it. And Nadia apparently can’t do it to herself. And it’s all so awful. But then, then Nadia kind of does do it herself. She lunges for Lauren and instinctively, in one efficient motion, Bo strikes her through with her knife. And it’s over. And Nadia thanks her. Then Bo slinks out of the room, because what can you say at a time like this to make it better. And Lauren cries over her dead girlfriend. And we all need a tissue or two – or the whole box. And it’s awful.


After all of that, it’s hard to focus back on the much smaller issue of the Ash and the Glade and slow march to Garuda annihilation. But if we must, we must. Bo’s mission is to find out if the Glade is a double-crossing Garuda minion and bring her back dead or alive. And it turns out that, indeed, the woman behind the impeccable power suit and self-help mantras is on the side of the fiery winged ones. So Bo throws a knife into her heart. But only one of her hearts. Because she’s not a murderer or an executioner, but she is one quick-thinking badass. I especially like how she dispatched of the Glade’s black-suited lady bodyguards. p.s. Those chicks totally play softball on the weekend, if you know what I mean.

But then, here’s also what makes Bo a badass – her friends. In particular, her best friend Kenzi. Just like with one Buffy Summers, what helps make Bo Dennis special are her friends. The people willing to do anything for her. The people who help keep her grounded. The people who make her better. The people who will stand next to her when the Garuda comes. The best heroes are able to not only embrace their own power but accept help when needed. Hell, even Batman has Alfred. So when Kenzi picks Lauren over nice-guy Nate, it’s because they know they need each other. And, boy, Bo needs her best friend more than ever. Also, a card that says, “So sorry for stabbing your girlfriend. I hope I still get to see you naked at some point in the future.” Too soon? Yeah, too soon.


After Bo takes a pill that acts as a beta blocker for Fae thoughts, Kenzi shows her geek colors and makes us love her even more:

“Like Magneto’s helmet. That is so cool.”


I have absolutely no idea how anyone in a scene with Anna Silk is able to focus. Because, come on. Distracting.

So, have you gotten over the whole Bo kills Nadia thing yet? What does this mean for Bo and Lauren. And for the love of Fae, will someone please hug me?

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