Rachel and Quinn’s Seven Best More Than Friends Moments on “Glee”


The Glee hiatus keeps rolling on, which means we’re back with another countdown!

This week we’re looking at Rachel and Quinn’s Seven Best More Than Friends Moments. As I’ve said about ten million times now, I’m a big fan of people crafting their own narratives inside of fictional worlds. Every time I write about subtext shipping, though, I get a lot of angry comments about how if we cheer about subtext, TV writers won’t give us main text, and so subtext ruins hard-won visibility. Which I suppose could be a valid argument if Faberry shippers had, in any way, caused Glee‘s writers to stop producing the absolute queerest show on TV. And they haven’t. If anything, Glee is trying to set a new world record for out-gaying itself every week. I know lots of lesbian ladies who get lots of joy from Rachel and Quinn’s relationship. And I think that’s worth celebrating.

So, here you go: 

“I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

Still one of the most listenable songs in the entire Glee song canon, it’s just a bonus that it features Rachel and Quinn singing about their own personal insecurities and the toxicity of the male gaze and how both of them think the other one is so, so gorgeous.

Prom Queen & Queen

If your boyfriend gets kicked out of prom, should you find out what the heck happened to him and make sure he’s OK, or canoodle in the bathroom with the girl who got him kicked out and then return to prom as her date? That second thing if you’re Rachel and Quinn.

The Blossom of Secret Love

Rachel: Girls like Quinn — you don’t want to do anything that’s going to distract from their face, so ask for a gardenia with a light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.

Come on, that quote doesn’t even need context to prove its point.

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