“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: Underneath It All, Part 1 (1.2)



Our resident tin foil heroes, Fiona and Imogen, continued on their merry way toward High School True Love Forever this week with the following exchange:

Fiona: You are a weirdo.

Imogen: Yep, and you’re going to like it.

And that’s really all you need to know from this Friday’s episode! But if you want all the feels …


I HAD ALL THE FEELINGS ABOUT THIS EPISODE. Let it be known I was crying throughout the whole thing. Crying out of pain, that is. Was the step-siblings-who-are-dating-each-other-and-contemplating-having-sex really the most logical plot of the episode? Well, with that set as our high bar.

Let’s talk aluminum foil. There are three self-evident truths about it. 1) British people say the word better, 2) it makes a great cat toy when crumpled, and 3) last week’s tin foil prank was the MOST TERRIBLE CRIME EVER COMMITTED at Degrassi.

The principal’s worked himself into a tizzy over it, Imogen finds herself suspended for a month and on probation indefinitely, and apparently it was too much for this school’s cleaning crew to deal with, so they abandon the terrifying ship that is U.S.S. Cafeteria before everyone can drown in all the Shiny.


Marisol lays down the law that, if Fiona wants to keep being friends with her and Katie, she’d better find a way to keep Imogen – the only one who got caught after-hours at the school – quiet about their involvement in Project Tin Foil. Because they suck. And even though Fiona offers to take the blame herself, Katie and Marisol talk her out of it. Because they are terrible, just like the crime of tin-foiling a cafeteria.

So Fiona shows up at Imogen’s to say, “No apologies – just be our scapegoat and all’s forgiven!” Because that’s how responsibility works, people. When Imogen calls her out on her actions and how she’s changed since last year, Fiona shuts her down with, “It’s 20 people’s word against yours – good luck, loser.”

However, when it comes out that Marisol locked Imogen in the theater as revenge for her calling Fiona an alcoholic, Fiona feels guilty and proposes taking Imogen to a movie or to dinner to make up for it. Because dinner totally makes up for betrayal and a month’s suspension! Imogen just looks at her in disgust and walks off. Because she’s awesome.


Still feeling guilty, Fiona tells Marisol and Katie that if all 20 seniors confess, the principal obviously won’t suspend all of them for a month. But, as expected, Marisol and Katie sell Fiona out, turning her into the principal and refuting their own involvement in the atrocious, atrocious Aluminum Foil Atrocity of 2012.

When Fiona joins Imogen in detention purging the cafeteria of the oh-so-hard-to-remove-stains-forever-retina-burning aluminum foil, she lets her know that she got Imogen’s suspension reduced to a week. And that clearly they should be besties now and get revenge on Katie and Marisol. Imogen, in classic Imogen style, restarts their friendship with a tin-foil-inspired makeover for Fiona.

I could not make this plot up if I tried. This is obviously why television writers are so brilliant.

On the other hand, I’m beginning to see how a healthy Fiona/Imogen relationship could develop, now that Imogen is no longer enamored and Fiona got hit with a roll of tin foil sanity. Who’s with me on the brilliance of this week’s plot lines? Everyone still on board with the possibility of a Fiona/Imogen pairing?

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