“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.06): Hit me with your best shot


Hey, you guys hungry? How about a big bowl of foot soup? No, not your thing? Oh, right, you’re vegan. Then how about a heaping bowl of sexual tension instead? Yeah, now that’s what I call a delicious dish. Because those were the two options being served up this week. First, Lauren takes Bo out for a real-world test of her succubus control – on her. Then Lauren takes Bo and Kenzi on a Fae emergency house call, which leads to the unfortunate digestion of said toe stew which leads to even more unfortunate eye bleeding. Long story short, stick to a diet of sexual tension. It’s much more fun and much less ewwww.


Bo nervously changing for her not-a-date date with Lauren was adorable. Lauren and Bo doing tequila shots together was sexy. Bo reading Lauren’s sexual energy was hot. Them almost kissing was ohmygodineedacoldshower. 


One of the most extraordinary things about Lost Girl is it never makes a big todo about its character’s sexual orientation other than to note attraction in general. There are no Very Special Big Gay Succubus Episodes where our little Bo-Bo comes out and as bisexual and everyone has a good cry and group hug. She just is what she is. And what she is is mightily attracted to one Dr. Lauren Lewis. Because, come on, who wouldn’t be?

 The other great thing about Lost Girl is that Bo and Lauren’s attraction isn’t just physical. There is real caring and most importantly support inherent in their relationship. This is more than just doctor-patient concern. This is someone who cares deeply for another person, wants that person to be her best, wants that person to believe in herself. As Lauren tells Bo, “It might help If you stop fighting your true nature. The Fae aren’t monsters Bo and neither are you.”


So now, Doccubus fans, now is where your devotion to the spark you saw in the very first episode starts to really pay off. Lauren invited Bo on a “succubus midterm,” and they end up going out on the town together and Bo explains how she reads people’s sexual energy. Man, that skill would make trying to pick up girls at lesbian bars so much easier. Then there’s all the sly checking out of Bo Lauren does when she’s not watching. I see where your eyes are going, girl. But then their “definitely, definitely not a date” gets really interesting when Lauren asks Bo to read her energy.

Lauren: OK, what about me, right now.

Bo: What about keeping this professional?

Lauren: Well, call it scientific curiosity.

Bo: Well, you are definitely curious. I’m not so sure it’s entirely scientific.

What’s that? You need a knife? Oh, to cut all this insane sexual tension? Probably a good idea. But wait, there’s more! After having so many shots and limes that one more and Lauren won’t be able to feel her lips, Bo tells her she loves “after-hours” Lauren. And then they talk about who should loosen up and who should gain control. And then Lauren tells Bo to hit her with her succu-touch. And, well, I think we all felt that.


So, in order to save Kenzi from the horrible eye-bleeding disease that killed a kindly old corpse-eating Fae, Bo and Lauren go undercover at a chemical company to find the source. What they find, instead, is Bo’s self control and Lauren’s adventurous side. When Bo worries about how she’ll get past the guards without her succubus powers, Lauren tells her “You have more than enough charms all on your own.” Still, when pressed, Bo breaks out her succu-face on a human – because even her charms don’t work on gay dudes – and he lives to tell about her blue-eyed make out. Then, with a little needle to the neck assist from Lauren, our dynamic duo cracks the case together. Man, do I wish they worked together like this every week.


“I’m feeling better already. I think this is just one of those 24 hour plagues, you know?”

Though, she had so many good lines this episode I can’t pick just one. So honorable mentions to:

“I am always putting my foot in my mouth, but at least it’s always my foot.”

“Did I just wake up in Narnia, or is that the fever talking?”

“I’m freaking freezing, dude. Can you like wolf out and lay on my feet?”


Lean over just a little bit more – there, that’s the stuff.

Right, so if you weren’t on Team Lauren before, I’d bet you a tequila shot you are now. Also, Kenzi is right, nothing in as sweet as melty, melty cheese. Discuss.