Gay Girl’s Goggles: “30 Rock” SnapCap (6.09) — “Leap Day”


Gather round children and I’ll tell you the story of Leap Day William, who emerges every February 29 from his home deep in the Mariana Trench to trade children’s tears for candy. He dresses like a deranged ice cream salesman and has a head like Telly Savalas and a handlebar mustache like an old-fashioned bare-knuckle boxer. Oh, and if you’re not wearing yellow and blue you’ll get your eye poked and your hair pulled. Not familiar with the story? Where were you four years ago? Certainly not at a Michaels Crafts Crafting Cruise. But the good news is even if you’ve never heard the story of Leap Day William before, you can still have a wonderful February 29 because nothing that happens on Leap Day Counts. So go crazy, you nerds. Because real life is for March.


If you’ve been waiting for six seasons to see what Liz Lemon looks like dressed like the Nazi boy from The Sound of Music, I worry about you. If you instead have been waiting six seasons to see Liz Lemon’s blue underwear with big yellow buses on it, I salute you. Either way, you were probably happy with this week’s offerings.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, Jenna is deploying the old yawn and wrap my leg around my date’s shoulder move here with great aplomb. Two points for limberness, three for style.


Last week 30 Rock spun an elaborate, loving metaphor for New York to delightful results. This week the show spun a zany, loving metaphor for the spirit of the holidays with similarly delightful results. Sure, it wasn’t as grand as the Liz as Joker, Jack as Batman storyline. But this one had Jim Carrey – with gills –appearing in the movie within the story. I don’t know what they keep offering these guest stars of Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek and Julianne Moore caliber to come on the show, but I hope they never stop.


When Liz runs in to “Sad Thad the Skin Tag Lad,” an old acquaintance from college, she initially blows him off as a nerd. Which is quite a statement “coming from someone who wrote lyrics to the song the Cantina band plays in Star Wars.” But then it turns out Tad is an internet billionaire who Indecent Proposals Liz to take his virginity for $20 million. This being Leap Day, she accepts and then gets into a Slut Off with Jenna. All is going well until, dammit, the hot bitches arrive. Hot bitches ruin everything, amirite?


Jenna’s continued befuddlement about the series of tubes is one of my favorite recurring jokes on the show. And this week she didn’t disappoint with her description of tech billionaire Thad: “I don’t know a lot about business, but he did an Internet and now the computers like him and Wall Street is Google.” But the week’s best gag by far was Jack’s A Christmas Carol flash forward to his daughter Liddy five Leap Days from now if he kept working through them instead of spending them with her. As Kenneth warns: “After you missed all her Leap Day she started experimenting with liberalism.” I don’t know about you, but “liberalism” looks a whole lot like “lesbianism” to me. The gal seems to know her way around a toolbelt, amirite?

And The Big Gay Sketch Show‘s Nicol Paone played a young Elaine Stritch in the flashback, too.

So, are you going to party like it’s Leap Day this year? Also, admit it, you’d totally ask Future Liddy out.

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