Red carpet treatment: Six reasons we love the Oscars


How do I love thee, Academy Awards? Let me count the ways.

Really. Let me count.

1. For the costumes, from bewitching…

Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Hudson (2011)

…to bewildering.

Björk (2001), Cher (1986)

2. For speeches that are misunderstood — and oft misquoted…

Sally Field quotes Norma Rae and nobody gets it (Places in the Heart, 1984)

…and slips of the tongue that make us fans forever.

Melissa Leo drops an F-bomb (The Fighter, 2010)

3. For an evening filled with surprise…

Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls, 2007)

…and dreams come true.

Adrien Brody, making lesbians everywhere wish we were him (The Pianist, 2003)

4. For members of our tribe, displaying class and intelligence…


Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs, 1991)

…and others displaying something we don’t really want to think about.


Angelina Jolie (Girl Interrupted, 2000)

5. For history made…

Hattie McDaniel, the first black performer to win the Oscar (Gone With the Wind, 1939)

…and barriers broken.

Halle Berry, the first black performer to win Best Actress (Monster’s Ball, 2001)

6. Most of all, for the women.

Audrey Hepburn (Roman Holiday, 1954), Mo’Nique (Precious, 2010)

Helen Mirren (The Queen, 2006)

The beautiful, beautiful women.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago, 2003), Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, 2010)

Hillary Swank (Boys Don’t Cry, 2000)

The Academy Awards are Sunday night at 8:30 ET on CBS. The Red Carpet arrival show starts at 7. will be live tweeting (#IronNobb) and we’ll have full coverage Monday. Don’t miss a minute — I know I won’t.

What’s your favorite part of the Oscars? Who are you looking most forward to seeing? Any predictions for Sunday?

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