“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.17): Out of the frying pan, into the fire


Look, everyone, the Fae are just like humans. They can be snobby, elitist, close-minded curmudgeons. They can also be underhanded and power hungry. And, just like with humans, when they do an enormous lava monster with horns comes after them and burns them to a fine, chalky cinder. No, wait. Perhaps not that last part. Well, unless you believe in a very literal interpretation of hell. Bo and Kenzi get sucked into the rarefied world of the three noble Fae families when something starts turning their leaders into crispy critters. Oh, and Dyson and Hale get into a boy fight. Will those two lovebirds ever realize they’re perfect for each other?


I know we’re usually all, “look how hot Bo looks,” “look how hot Lauren looks,” “look how hot Bo and Lauren look together here,” but this week it’s all about Kenzi. She’s not just the Kenziest Kenzi, she’s the Hottest Kenzi. Ksenia Solo sure does clean up nice.


Right, so we have to talk about what is happening with Nadia. Last week we realized she’s not just the innocent, I just woke up from a coma girlfriend when she was sneakily checking out close-ups of Lauren’s pendant. But this week we realize it might not just be mere curiosity driving her to snoop. It’s something darker, much darker. Like cut your own hand and taste your blood darker. So, theories? I don’t think she’s Fae necessarily, but perhaps she’s under the thrall of some Fae mojo still? Because the sinister little smile she gave behind Lauren’s back when she hugged her is not a harbinger of puppies and rainbows. It’s more like, I will kill you in your sleep and wear your skin as my jammies.


Oh, those sneaky Lost Girl writers. Last week I commented on how a relationship can’t be healthy when you have to lie to the people you love about it. This week, they go and say it outright themselves. While talking to Kenzi about her relationship with Nate, Bo says, “I mean, it is hard to be in a relationship when you can’t be completely honest.” And then someone knocks on the door and it opens and it’s Lauren. And then, also, Nadia. Slow clap for you, Lost Girl writers. Slow clap for you.

Later, when Nadia is snooping through Bo’s room and gets caught, she confesses to checking out the competition. So, does that mean Lauren told her about Bo? Or did she just figure it out on her own what with the palpable heat and chemistry sparking between those two? Either way, we know Bo’s response to her isn’t the last we’ll hear of this. Because when someone says, “I am not your competition. You really have nothing to worry about,” you know you’ve got something to worry about.


Bo seems to be, however reluctantly, embracing her role as the Ash’s champion. With only a five episodes left I expect all this Garuda business to start really smoking. And the enormous lava monster indeed set the storyline to smolder. The only question now is who will fight by Bo’s side. The noble families seem to have finally gotten on board. But will Bad Dog Dyson be there? His bromance with Hale seems to be, at least temporarily, over after trying to shag his sister. Look, I get it dude, life sucks when you can’t love, but stop acting like a dog in heat and man up. Not that Bo and Kenzi needed your help to get the job done. They handled the lava monster just fine on their own thanks to that canister of liquid nitrogen in the kitchen. p.s. Interesting to see the trend of molecular gastronomy has even hit the Fae culinary world.


“No fair with the, ‘we’re all on one team speech,’ you know Mighty Ducks is my fav.”


To quote Joey Lawrence in everything he has ever done, “Whoooa.”

So, how about that lava monster? And, be honest, you wouldn’t mind seeing Kenzi get all gussied up some more, would you?

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