“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: Underneath It All, Part 1 (1.1)



If you saw our interview with Annie Clark yesterday, you might have been watching last night’s Degrassi: New Beginnings premiere episode with an eye on old characters as new potential love interests for the one and only Fiona Celestine Arabella Coyne.

Just for that extra level of analysis I found myself doing in the search for lesbian undertones, I’m giving this episode high marks in our Bait category. Imogen Moreno, I’ve got my eye on you.


Fiona took the A-plotline in “Underneath It All, Part 1” as she freaked out about her need for new friends to replace the graduated Holly J and co. The first person to throw her hat (or pigtails, as it were) into the ring is Imogen, but Fiona bluffs that Marisol is holding a seat for her in order to avoid her.

Marisol, who doesn’t know Fiona beyond stereotypes and rumors (Fiona corrects her – she’s a lip gloss, not lipstick, lesbian), goes with it and introduces her best friend, Katie, to Fiona as well. And yes, these are Marisol and Katie of the backstabbing, boyfriend-stealing variety. My, what impeccable choice in desired friends you have, Fi. At least you don’t have a boyfriend for them to squabble over!

Fiona proposes to Marisol and Katie a catered, DJ’ed party at her loft, to which they agree on the condition that it’s exclusive; no freaks like Imogen allowed on the guest list, obviously. However, Eli and Imogen overhear Fiona making a phone call about the party, and Fiona feels guilted into being a good person. I mean, into inviting them.


When Imogen shows up, though, Fiona tries to show her – via straightened hair and a little black dress – how to make a fresh start and have a chance to be part of Marisol and Katie’s in-crowd.

Fiona knows her budding friendship with them is dependent on her taming Imogen’s quirkiness, and, even though Imogen drove me somewhat batty in the fall, I’m finding her quirks more and more endearing the more Fiona (and Marisol and Katie) try to squash them.

Nonetheless, it’s party time! Let’s see if the metaphorical dress fits.


Imogen passes first muster with Marisol and Katie, and, with the party in full swing, Fiona calls upon a game of Truth or Dare, only to find herself with a flask of tequila under her nose. When Imogen tries to help her get out of it by announcing that Fiona’s an alcoholic, Fiona leaves Imogen out to dry, declaring that that’s a terrible thing to make up about someone else.

Instead, Fiona changes the topic by suggesting a senior prank, so they all rush over to the school to cover everything in aluminum foil. I feel for anyone in Toronto who tried to buy tin foil the week they filmed that.

Imogen wants to explore the school at night, so Marisol humors her, promising Fiona they won’t wander too far. However, Marisol returns approximately two seconds later, sans Imogen, just as they find out that someone’s coming and they need to make a quick getaway. Guiltily, Fiona leaves with the rest of the group, despite her misgivings about leaving Imogen behind.

What’d you all think of the Degrassi spring premiere episode? Who else is looking forward to seeing how things develop between Fiona and Imogen?

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