The cast of “Degrassi” talk Fiona, Adam and the new season


Have you ever wondered what the collective screaming of hundreds of teenage girls sounds like? Yeah, I haven’t either. And yet, after attending a Saturday premiere party for the Degrassi: New Beginnings spring season, I am now intimately acquainted with this sound.

At the event, I had the chance to talk to a number of current Degrassi cast members, including Annie Clark (Fiona), Jordy Todosey (Adam), Munro Chambers (Eli), Jahmil French (Dave) and Melinda Shankar (Ali).

Read on to hear Annie tease Fiona’s upcoming romance, Jordy discuss her singer-songwriter aspirations, and other cast members chime in with their two cents about filming scenes with Adam and Fiona. I’m from AfterEllen, which—

Annie Clark:
Oh, I love that website!

AE: —focuses mainly on LGBT storylines, so I’d love to talk to you about your character. I know Fiona’s set to graduate in the near future. Do you have plans post-Degrassi?

Yeah, I just applied to university for this September, so we’ll see about that. I still have another season after this, so I’m planning to go to school at the same time, but continue acting as well if I can.

AE: So what’s going to be up with Fiona for this season? And you say she’s sticking around for next season?

Yes, I think I can say that. [Laughs] She’s definitely in this next half of the season, and she’s set to be in season 12, too. For this season that we’ve just filmed, all of her friends graduated, so she’s trying to find her place in a new group of friends and trying to kind of reinvent herself a bit. And she gets herself into a really good new relationship. Like, the only healthy relationship we’ve seen her in, with a character that we’ve already met.

AE: Oh, we’ll look forward to this!

Yes, I think you’re going to be excited.

AE: Is it Charlie, or someone else?

It’s not Charlie.

AE: So someone else.

Someone we know, but they’ve never been together before.

AE: And I know a lot of our readers related to the storyline with Holly J. What was it like working with Charlotte Arnold on that?

Charlotte Arnold is, like, my best friend and idol. I have loved her forever, and I consider myself so lucky to have worked with her because she’s such an easy person to work with. We’re so comfortable with each other that even when we had to kiss or anything like that, it was always very easy, but that’s like with everyone – everyone I’ve had to be in a relationship with on-set is so professional and comfortable, and it was just a treat.

AE: When you have really great on-screen chemistry with one of the other characters, do the writers ever jump on that and add more storylines between you and that other actor?

I think so, yeah. I think that’s kind of how it started with Charlotte and I, too. We were enemies for the first season, we had no scenes together and were only really together because Holly J was dating Declan, but then I think when the writers saw our scenes together, they were like, “Oh, this could work,” and then we became best friends. And even how they write our characters, I feel like a lot of our characters start off a certain way, and then the writers get to know us and add certain elements into the characters.

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