Gay Girls Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.15) — Live from Damascus


The Good Wife

popped in with a new episode to give us a fix before another break — and broke

Will in the process. I’m glad we have a little time to adjust.


Whenever a network show actually uses the word

“lesbian” apart from discussion a murder victim or serial killer, we

take note. The case of the week — concerning a company that sold encryption

software to the Syrian government — turned on evidence from the blog Pink

Damascus, written by a “lesbian activist chronicling the protests in


If you knew at this point where the story was going, you are

much more alert than I am. Or perhaps less cynical. My only thought was that

somehow a lesbian was about to be blamed for mass rioting in Damascus. But the

plot point was much savvier. When Kalinda tracked and called Pink Damascus, she

got an unexpected answer.

Yes, a thirty-something white guy was pretending to be a

lesbian blogger, in a nice callback to the case of Tom McMaster and the Gay Girl in Damascus blog. If Kalinda had been involved in the real-life event,

the hoax would’ve been shut down a lot sooner. I do have one question, though:

Do people actually casually answer Skype calls without knowing who it is? Of

course, it might not be a bad idea if Kalinda is calling.


This episode picked up right where the last one left off,

and Wendy Scott-Carr followed through on her threat to take Will’s case to the

bar. Thanks to Diane, he gets the option of a six-month suspension before the

case goes to trial and he has little choice but to accept. So Will is gone and

his name’s off the masthead. How this plays out remains to be seen. But seeing

Diane come to Will’s aid once again proves that those two are the best pairing

on the show.

One result we do know: Alicia gets the tax case Will was

handling for Kalinda. I have a feeling that this will be the key to Kalicia

getting back on track. You know, long nights reviewing the case files, drinks

at the end of a long day in court, falling asleep in each other’s arms after a

sweet victory …


Rita Wilson

returned as the wonderfully snarky attorney Viola Walsh, who offered Alicia a

job last time she opposed Lockhart Gardner and couldn’t remember her name this


Amy Sedaris and Parker Posey were back as Stacie and

Vanessa to meet with Eli about Vanessa’s campaign. I assume this storyline will

gear up in the next few weeks, but right now, it just seems like part of a

completely different show — and not a particularly interesting one.

Jonathan Groff,

Edward Herrmann, John Benjamin Hickey
and Dennis O’Hare also guest-starred. That’s seven guest stars, not

counting the male lesbian blogger and some other familiar faces that made brief

appearances. The casting department must have scored big on the budget this



Lockhart and Associates is minus a Gardner, which gives the

weeds a chance to infiltrate. Caitlin seems up to something —Kalinda thinks so,


The best news is that Dana is taking the fall for the way

the case against Will fell apart. I hope we don’t have to see that side

ponytail again anytime soon, but Dana doesn’t seem like a good loser.

Will says goodbye to Alicia with, “Follow Diane’s lead

and you’ll be fine.” I know that doesn’t mean what I wish it meant, but a

girl can dream.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Good Wife? Is Will gone for good?

Any ideas on how Caitlin will make her power play? Are Kalinda and Alicia about

to get back together?

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