Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” (1.15) — Return



This week’s episode of The Secret Circle neither stirred my heart nor caused tingles in my nether regions. Granted, things have been a little rocky in Linster-Land and I’m not seeing TV through a crystal clear lens, but while I was watching I kept wishing Cassie would fall headlong into the lake and melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West. Just me?


After the girls got so cozy last episode, I was ready for more cuddling and pillow fighting. But, no. Cassie seems to think that canoodling Adam means that she can’t sleep with his ex, so she leaves Diana’s bed and moves back home. But not before Diana tells her that she’s the cutest barista ever to cream her coffee.

So sweet.

Oh! Before I forget: I realized this week why I have a soft spot for Lee, even though he’s all grungy and sinister and vacuous. You know how sometimes when Brittany is dancing on Glee she kind of gets googly-eyed?

Same, same.


My dearly departed mother adored Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and, as happens when parents get older, she loved to watch and re-watch the romantic adventures of “Mike” Quinn and her OTP Byron Sully and, whenever possible, to share the experience with me. It would be wrong of me to see Joe Lando as anybody but Sully under the best of circumstances. But casting him as the daddy of The CW’s most dismal character Cassie Blake is beyond the pale. I just can’t. By this point, you might be thinking, “Whoa. TheLinster is really reaching for things to write about this episode.” You would not be wrong.


Faye is short on the snark this week, although she does lift an eyebrow in appreciation of the fact that Cassie is working at the coffee house. “The queen bee is serving me a latte on bent knees. Life is good.” 

She truly shines only when her jealousy is stirred by Diana calling in search of Melissa.

“It’s adorable how clingy you are in relationships. It worked out so well with Adam; I can see why you’d do the same thing with Melissa.”


All in all, this episode seems much ado about nothing. After all the buildup about John Blackwell, he shows up and little happens except the witch hunters somehow put Cassie under a spell to get her to kill him. The circle arrives just in time to break it, of course. But we don’t know it Blackwell is a good guy or not and we’re given little reason to care. Let’s hope this week is just a lull before the storm. A big, nasty, subtexty storm with pillows and lady kisses.

What did you think of this week’s The Secret Circle? Did you find more to love than I did?