“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.05): Luck be a succubus tonight


Bo and Dyson lay down some ground rules. A dead man wins a beat. An Oracle tells Bo about her past, and her big-time future. And Kenzi is no longer on Team Dyson. So, does that mean by default she’s on Team Lauren? Because, come on, she really should be. It’s just another weird and wacky day in the Faeborhood. 


Sure, there’s a lot more Bo and Dyson sexytimes than our little Doccubus hearts can take. But there are also Bo and Kenzi swaggering into the underground Fae poker room in their best just-try-to-take-your-eyes-off-of-me duds. Now that, ladies, is what I call a full house.



Yes, admittedly, we’re suffering from a serious lack of Lauren in this episode. But my second favorite relationship on the show does come front and center, and I don’t mean Bo and the wolfboy. The Kenzi and Bo friendship evolves in this episode, as the former tries to assure herself that she is more than just the latter’s pocket-sized ornamental sidekick. First she’s perturbed when Bo apparently blows her off during a client meeting (she didn’t, she was just getting kidnapped by a Dark Fae bookie who wanted to find out who was swindling him). Then she snaps at Dyson for using her bestie as his convenient booty call. Then she snaps at Hale when he tells her how to act in the Fae bar saying, “I don’t give a rat’s ass what any of you think. Only Bo.” Next, she saves Bo’s ass (well, more like chesticles) from the creepy Snow Miser poker room  owners. And finally, she goes off sleuthing on her own and figures out it was the Fae bookie’s nephew all along who was conning him. Sure, she ends up stuffed in a car trunk. But still not a bad day’s work for a tiny, tiny human.

I know Bo’s the hero of this particular story, but you’ve gotta give little Kenzi an A for effort and spunk. Also for her boots. Damn, she wears some kick-ass boots.


Bo is better than a nymph. In case you were wondering. As mentioned above, there’s a lot more wolfie style happening in this episode than I care for. But at least we know their little sexual healing sessions take it out of Dyson more than he wants to let on. Small consolation, but consolation none the less.


This week it’s less about whose ass Bo kicks, and more about whose asses Bo will kick in the future.  The quick visit to the teeny bopper oracle (which is one of those little Buffy-esque touches on Lost Girl that I love – tweaking expectations in a fun, subversive way) reveals a little more into the Bo’s past and future. First, she finds out her mommy dearest is still alive. And then our resident succubus discovers she is going to be a major player. As the oracle says, “Fate has some serious plans for you.” Here’s to her saving the world, a lot.  


“This really puts the suck in succubus.”


Who needs a jacket anyway?

So, what did you think? I know, I know – you want more Lauren. Don’t worry, next episode you’ll get your Dr. Hotpants, and then some. 

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