Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.14) — Valentine


Gah – this show! *headdesk*


Whether you watch The

Secret Circle
or not, take a moment to celebrate with me the very special

message of this very special Valentine episode: pillow fight!

This was the gayest gay circle that ever gayed my so gay

television. In the spirit of one subtext picture is worth a thousand double

entendres, I present: Faye’s Official No-Boys-Allowed Un-Valentine’s Day

Slumber Party

I have to say I like how these ladies do a sans-man party.

But no love-fest would be complete without a little jealous fit, especially

when Faye is hosting. The writers were careful to insert “friend” and

“BFF” at every opportunity so that nobody would misunderstand the

meaning of the relationships under discussion. I assure you — we understand.

Faye eventually sees that Melissa’s heart is in good hands.

Only a true love will hold your hair when you’re sick.

And so Faye steps aside for now — with the usual ex-lover’s


So, so gay.


(See above.)

No, wait. I do have one other feeling besides all the gay: total

boredom with Cassie. Good god, girl; lighten the frack up. I know you’re being

murdered by evil demons and witch hunters week after week and that you have So!

Much! Angst! over your lesbian lover Adam, but you left a slumber party with three of the hottest witches ever to cast

a spell so that you could get killed again! What is wrong with you?


Hello, Faye!

Hello, girls!

Faye was her

usual snarky self this week, but in keeping with our pictorial theme, let’s

recap this instead.

My compliments

to the cinematographer.


OK, yeah, stuff

happened. Cassie kept getting creeped out by strange guys in black hoodies, but

I don’t know what she expects, living near Seattle and all. Eventually she

finds out that her special medallion contains the power of thousands of dead

witches who woke up when she activated the symbol. And they cornered her in a

church and then possessed her lesbian boyfriend but she did some dark magic and

saved him.

If it happened

to anyone but Cassie, I might care.

Oh, and Lee is

about to bring his drugged girlfriend out of her coma using a hairy string doll

he gave to Faye for Voodoo Day.

Whatever. Can

somebody make me a gif of that pillow fight?

Share your

thoughts on the Valentine episode of The

Secret Circle
. Are you as ready as I am for Cassie to disappear into dark


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