“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” SnapCap (22.03) – Testing What Blood is Thicker Than



for the delay everybody, I literally got stuck in a room full of crazy

people and wasn’t able to get back in time to give you the goods. To

make up for it, I took some fairly good pictures off my TV for you.

Now, can we talk about what the hell the cast members must have done to

piss off whoever creates these group challenges last night? If it

weren’t bad enough that couples were being escorted off the show for

bad behavior, now everyone is dropping like flies due to injuries! OK,

can’t lie: Last night’s show was finally exciting. While I’d like to

say it wasn’t because everyone’s reaction shots to their fellow

contestants’ bodies slapping the water were incredible, I’d be lying.


This episode was thankfully light on the douche. In fact, my main

tatted brother, Abram, showed

off his sensitive side. Apparently his relationship with Cara Maria is a bit on the rocks. She feels as though there’s no even

ground and he feels as though she is pushing him away. It gave me a

little bit of the sads to watch him trying to explain how he’s feeling

and see it elicit a dull response.

I’d say most of the crappiness came from whoever came up with the rules

for this show this season. Dustin

slipped on some stairs and split open his knee which resulted in him

getting some stitches. He was determined to keep going but because the

group is in the Dominican

Republic (and apparently infections prefer stitched up, properly

cleaned and wrapped wounds to other bleeding orifices) he and his

partner, Heather, were sent



In the battle between boxers, briefs and panties, panties will always


Here we see Diem making

a statement by protesting the “No Girls Allowed” rules by staging a

sit-in with two of her own girls, hanging out loud and proud. You show

’em Diem!

single-handedly took her and Aneesa‘s team into the battle for

“Power Couple” when she answered the most questions correctly during

the week’s crazy-ass mental connection challenge. Unfortunately, she

ended up losing to Tweedle Dee

and Tweedle Dunbar.

Emily is such a strong and ferocious competitor, it seemed as

though even her partner, Ty,

was afraid of her. They may have been thrown into The Dome but they came out the


So for the almost “Power Couple” and the could-have-been “Bottom Two,” I now pronounce you both “Power Tops.”


Let the slow clapping begin because if we’re being honest with

ourselves, the real heroes of Wednesday’s show were the

editors. I’m not sure if they took my requests from last week seriously

but the eye candy was off the charts and I applaud them in

their efforts.

I swear, when I see this photo, all I can think of is this


Then there’s our dream team:

But seriously, is it just me or did Aneesa look really cute this

episode? I’m digging her style and it was nice to see her smile for

real here:

Of course, the smile didn’t get to last very long thanks to the face

flop into the water from hell.


Don’t get me wrong, the group challenge itself was pretty weak. The

participants had to answer pop culture questions, most of which were

from past seasons of The Challenge

or ripped from the pages of a People

magazine that’s been left in a dentist’s office since 1992. This

doesn’t mean our contestants answered most of their questions correctly


If Camilla’s answer were

correct right now, Hugh Hefner

would have been engaged to Bob Marley.

The Playboy mansion would be

raining men and ganja and, most likely, a lot of frozen pizzas.

If Aneesa’s answer were correct, Billy

and Kate Moss

would have been married at some point. I can only imagine how much

their car insurance premiums would’ve gone up had that been the case.

Let’s just say none of the contestants should be signing up for Jeopardy any time soon and you may

want to really think twice about asking too many of them to be on your Trivial Pursuit team.

Now for the crazy part: When a player got an answer wrong, they were

flung from a catapult without warning, into the air with nowhere to

fall but into the water in a really hard way. A lot of faces were

hurting that day, but none more than poor Aneesa who ended up with a

split mouth and parts of her teeth making a run for the border.

So hey, Producers, if you need to keep sending people home for having

open wounds, how about stopping with the ridiculously dangerous

challenges where it’s easy to get hurt and the odds of seeing blood are


In summary, Dustin and Heather went home due to injury, Paula and

Dunbar won the overall challenge and sent Ty and Emily into The Dome to

face off against the challenge losers, Leroy

and Naomi. Emily’s

strength was too much for Naomi to fight even though she gave it her

all. It was a really good effort. Also, I believe this screen cap pretty much speaks a thousand words:

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you enjoy the Emily,

Rachel and Aneesa screen time as much as I did?

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