“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.04): We’re going to need a safe word


Four episodes in and just in case you were wondering, yes, this is a sexy ass show. So sexy it isn’t afraid to get its threesome on. So sexy you’re definitely going to need a safe word. In fact, we might need a safe house. Because Bo sure knows how to bring it down – and not even metaphorically. Just ask Kenzi and her poor bowl of Sugar Pops.


Those who are following the show’s simultaneous second season know that this isn’t the first threesome we’ll see in the sexual adventures of Bo. But those who have been following both seasons closely know there is a definite difference between the two. While the first threesome is done for everyone’s enjoyment, the second is done more as a display for male titillation. I’ve already talked at length about why the latter bugs me. But let’s just say the former was the exact opposite. Now that’s one hell of a hook – with Bo as the bait. Yum.


One of the great things about this show is the rich and evolving relationship between Kenzi and Bo. They’re friends, of course. But while many shows are content to have the main character with a funny sidekick who quickly slinks into the background, Lost Girl has made Kenzi an integral part of the show, Bo’s life and our emotional attachment. Indeed, she makes Bo want to be a better Fae. And she makes Lost Girl a better show.

Also helping to make this a better show? Popsicle attacks where Kenzi jumps on Bo in bed and screams “Oh my God, total 911! Goblins have stormed out kitchen and they are eating all our Sugar Pops!”


Finally, the good doctor is back. And you could see the serious sparkage between Bo and Lauren from across the Dal, and possibly from space. Especially when Lauren advises her to go easy on the drinking and Bo responds, “ Well, I can promise you. Booze does not affect my ability to perform.” My God, how I wish that was a show, don’t tell moment. The exchange also cemented once and for all for Team Doccubus that there is precious little sexier in this world than Zoie Palmer slyly smirking at Anna Silk. I’d happily be on the receiving end of a drunken succubus booty call for that look.


I guess it’s true what they say, hell hath no fury like the Fury sisters scorned. But even worse than a furious Fury is a nutso stalker. And Bo finds herself with both on her hands this week. One she does in with a chrome toaster. Good thing they hadn’t updated their appliances to brushed stainless steel yet. And the other she tries to kill with kindness. Man, she really has to learn how to throttle back on her magic sexytimes touch. Because that girl, she really lost her head – well, other people’s heads, more like it.


“Come on, are you a succubus or a succubust?”


Sometimes it’s important to stop and take a moment to enjoy all the beauty right in front of us. And that moment is now.

So, Fae threesomes, safe words and Dr. Hotpants sparkage, oh my. What did you think of this episode?

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