Gay Girl’s Goggles: “30 Rock” SnapCap (6.05) — “Today You Are a Man”


Liz Lemon gets business drunk with power and tries to out negotiate Jack Donaghy for the new TGS contract. But only Jack Donaghy can out negotiate Jack Donaghy. Also, Kenneth visits lesbian financial guru Suze Orman and Jenna and Tracy play a (not werewolf) bar mitzvah. Just another day at 30 Rock.


Not only do we get Suze giving Kenneth career advice, we get the wonderful and very funny Kristen Schaal appearing as Kenneth’s TGS replacement. So this season already we’ve seen Suze, Kristen, Denise Richards and Emma Stone all appear in small roles. Keep ‘em coming, show. I can’t wait to see what funny lady pops up next.


30 Rock has a hilarious history of breaking the fourth wall. It’s the whole talk to the camera thing that TV is never supposed to do. But when deployed expertly, like its handful of uses on 30 Rock, it’s always a little treat. Sort of like a reward for going along with everything. Like after yet another episode built around Jack and Liz’s friendship, Liz smirks at the camera and says, “Wow, after six years there’s still room for growth in this friendship.” Thanks for the wink and the nod, Tina Fey. Back at ya.


Oh, Liz. This week there were so many little examples of Lizbeanism, from her email address ([email protected]) to who she fake phone calls (“Yes, may I please speak to pizza?”), to her not-a-run-in-her-stalking vein to her continued discomfort with seeing men cry (“Just don’t cry. Daddy doesn’t cry.”). Also, I always like it when Liz tries to business suit up. I particularly like her interpretation of Jack’s power look: dark colors, a single power accent and every hair in place because “hair movement is a sign of weakness.” Though toe shoes, however, are just a sign of weakness of fashion sense. Classic Lemon.


So in one episode we have references to Gina Gershon (both Tracy and Jenna’s nemesis – were they both up for the part of Corky in Bound?), vibrators (which are illegal to write off on your taxes as dependents), the poetry of Jewel (not to be used as a weapon) and the limitless possibilities of being a white man with hair (though, I don’t know – have you seen the Republican field of Presidential nominees? They have their limitations for sure.) Also, because it’s a joke I’m surprised the show hasn’t made before, I would like to extend a slow clap to the show’s very first “Jack Off.”

So, what did you think of this week’s offering? Also, I think I would be perfectly happy if Kristen Schaal popped up in all of my TV shows. Ecstatic even.

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