“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” SnapCap (22.02) – Even the Winners are Losers


I’m pretty sure I ended last week’s SnapCap by saying the house needed more drama and the good folks on MTV’s Challenge: Battle of the Exes totally came through. I’d like to put in at least one more request though, just in case anyone in the editing department is paying attention: Can you please show more of the ladies? I’ve had enough man boobs in the last two episodes to last me a lifetime already. Give me some Rachel, give me some Aneesa (whose cute little septum piercing I saw for the first time last night, for some reason) and for the love of God give me some Emily! I mean, damn, after last week’s episode I remembered we did an interview with Emily in 2010 where she said she mostly dated girls at that time! Inquiring minds need to know what she’s been doing, who she’s been doing and if she’s single! Get on that. Thank you.

As far as the episode goes, it seems as though we’re starting to get a better feeling for who still has feelings for each other and who might end up needing a restraining order by the end of this season. Wes has made it his mission to try to get back together with Mandi, who has a boyfriend, and even goes as far as confessing that she rocks his world. Attention Wes, Wanda called and she wants her catchphrase back.

Now time for the SnapCap!


There was no shortage of the douche last night and we can thank Vinny for most of it. He and Sarah came out of nowhere and won the group challenge, thereby making themselves the “Power Couple” and giving them the decision as to who to send into The Dome.

For some reason, it always seems like Wes and Mandi feel the need to talk to whoever is in charge of making decisions, as if Wes’ mouth could talk anyone out of putting him into a challenge that could send him home — particularly a team that he has sent home from other challenges.

Later that evening, after a hard day of doing a challenge, everybody lets off some steam by pounding drinks and working it out on the dance floor. Vinny is dancing and having a great time but when his last few braincells decide to call it quits for the evening, he reaches out and opens Mandi’s shirt, exposing her tatas and pissing her off. She collects herself and slaps him and for some reason didn’t go for his balls, which is what I would do. She says now 30 or 40 people have seen her boobs and she’s really embarrassed. 

I hope she doesn’t take this in a mean way or feel as though I condone what Vinny did — because there’s no way in hell that I do — but the shirt she’s wearing doesn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. I mean, I can picture a random areola over this picture and feel like I’ve seen the entire contents of her bra.

The following day, Vinny and Sarah are asked to throw a couple into The Dome and to add insult to injury, Vinny only has nasty things to say about Wes and Mandi.  This gives Wes a perfect excuse to bring up the previous night’s idiocy and ultimately was the key to Vinny’s undoing. Way to go Vinny, you are our first King of the Douches!


Unfortunately, there still wasn’t a whole lot of ladies kicking ass this game. The only thing I can even remember is Mandi slapping Vinny and Jasmine going bat-dung cray on Tyrie for no reason. The only good to come out the Jasmine/Tyrie fight was seeing Aneesa smiling while she was holding Jasmine back.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve seen way too much of the dudes and way too little of the ladies. I realize most of the camera time needs to be given to the people who bring the drama but can’t we balance things out with some episodically-boring hot girls? I’m not hating on Rachel’s Flashdance look, but can’t we see more?


The group challenge this week was very similar to the one from last week. It all seemed difficult, and in the end, only two couples were able to go through the entire challenge without getting disqualified, but there was no real craziness happening.

The battle in The Dome wasn’t crazy but damn was it a great match up! The two couples fighting to stay in the competition were Leroy and Naomi versus Wes and Mandi. The two guys in the fight were arguably the two strongest male competitors, making everyone else happy no matter who got sent home. The girls were harder to judge and both Naomi and Mandi went balls to the wall like they were going to rip each other apart.

In the end, Mandi defeated Naomi but Leroy pummeled Wes and sent them packing.

Also sent home packing? Vinny and Sarah. As you can see from the screen grabs below, everyone was shocked and Sarah was understandably sad.

That’s it for this week. Are you with me? Do you think it was fair for Sarah to be sent home along with Vinny?

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