“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.03): Someone call security


I feel like my primary emotion in life after watching this episode is that Bo should wear more tight T-shirts. Look, I love the décolletage as much as the next gay lady — nd I have probably admired (not to mentioned screencapped) said epic cleavage more than the next gay lady — but Bo in that form-fitting “SECURITY” T-shirt did things to me. Naughty things. Very, very naughty things. Think about it, wardrobe department.  


Um, I mentioned Bo in that T-shirt, right? But did I also mention she has on a utility belt and aviator shades? Oh, and a ponytail? You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


This week begins to set up the Bo-Dyson side of this very obtuse love triangle. Are Bo and Dyson just healing booty call buddies, or is it something more. We all know, well those of us caught up on the second season know, what the ultimate answer is. I actually like Dyson, as a character. Make no mistake, I am 1,000 percent Team Lauren. But as a character, I think he is an interesting contrast of stoic and soulful. And, if you’re into that sort of thing, Kris Holden Ried fills out a pair of dungarees well – if you’re into that sort of thing.

My other predominate feeling was that the hilarity of Kenzi pretending to be a sorority girl is a perfect example of what makes this show so fun. When this show is at its best the silly and supernatural and sexy all blend together expertly. And while bitches be crazy, it’s good to know that even though she won’t necessarily enjoy it Kenzi isn’t above drinking to her lips fall off and possibly touching a boob in the name of an investigation.


Sure, there is the Bo-Dyson “I have a headache” shenanigans. But there is also Bo using her magic touch on the female college dean and giving her more than a little love nibble. Part of what is so enjoyable about this show is its unapologetic displays of sexuality – no matter the subject. There’s no salacious oh-la-la about Bo getting succu-sexy with the female dean, other than that it’s pretty oh-la-la-lovely to see.


Bo was a little less actual badass and a little more looks badass in this episode. But she did some expert snooping and some sexy succubusing. But when it came to rescuing it was a half-naked Dyson who swooped in and wolfed out. Oh well, we’ll always have that T-shirt.


“Holy s–tballs that was awesome.”


I think this was the episode I first realized Bo’s cleavage was going to become a major character on the show.

So, what did you think? Three episodes into the first season, are you hooked yet?

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