“Glee” spoilers: Major Brittana developments coming for Valentine’s Day


WARNING: Major Glee spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to be spoiled like a beautiful gay unicorn running across a meadow, stop reading immediately. Otherwise, proceed gaily forward.

That sounds you heard at 4:53 ET/1:53 PT yesterday afternoon? Oh, that was just the sound of Brittana fangirls the world over screaming with delight at the top of their lungs because The Kiss is officially coming. E! Online spoiler maven Kristin Dos Santos reports that in the Feb. 14th Valentine’s Day episode “Brittany and Santana are going to make out.”

What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. What with all the squeals of joys and shrieks of happiness. Do I need to get you a paper bag? Please, try to remain conscious. Does anyone have any smelling salts?

The long-awaited, long-demanded, long-deserved kiss between Brittany and Santana seems to finally, finally be upon us. There aren’t too many other details. But Kristin’s sources say the moment is “sweet and it’s romantic and it will satisfy fans.”

Well, let’s hope. Because I know Brittana fans, and we will demand nothing short of total satisfaction. And while Britt-Britt and Auntie Tana finally did make it official this season and before girlfriends, there has been precious little interaction between the two since. Heck, I think I can count the words Brittany has gotten to say on two hands.

So this latest development, on the most romantic day of the year no less, is a very welcome one. Of course, one could also argue that this is blatant attempt at drumming up sweeps month rating with some same-sex sweet lady kisses. Glee could have organically slipped a smooch in any time last year or this year without the specter of a ratings ploy. But you know what? I have waited so long for these two characters to get to actually kiss (and not nuzzle or hug or talk about scissoring or whatever other sad substitute powers that be on the show insisted was enough), I am going to reserve judgment for now and just be happy.

So, Brittana Army, what say you? Or shrieking and writhing around on the floor? I won’t judge. We’ve waited a long time for this. Enjoy it, ladies, enjoy it.

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