Vote Now: Top 50 Favorite Female TV Characters


Welcome to our first annual poll devoted to your favorite television characters!

The characters you choose can be from any scripted television series, from U.S. or international shows. Votes for reality stars or other “real” people won’t be considered. We’re strictly looking for your votes on the best fictional characters, including animated characters, from your favorite shows — from current shows to TV classics.

We suggest you ask yourself what characters have moved you in a significant way. What characters do you think changed the way viewers view women or impacted subsequent TV portrayals of women? Or maybe it’s simply a question of what characters struck you as the most “real” and the most expertly written and performed. You can even choose to vote for those characters you find most desirable!

It’s up to you to decide exactly what criteria you use to determine the “best.” All we ask is that you limit your choices to female characters.

You can enter up to 10 names in the form below but keep in mind a couple of rules. First, no ballot stuffing. Ballots with the same character name listed more than once will be discarded. Also, only one vote per ISP address will be permitted. Only the last form submission from an ISP address will be counted. This poll is open to all of our readers.

Voting will be open until midnight February 17. We’ll tally all the votes and announce your top 50 on Monday, February 27. Feel free to encourage your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to weigh in too!

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