“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.01): Go with a smile on your face


Meet Bo. Bo is awesome. We know Bo is awesome immediately because she both identifies and shuts down the sleazy bar dude before he can utter his first “pretty lady.” And we know Bo is really awesome because she saves said pretty lady from said sleazy dude before the credits roll. But the uninitiated did not know exactly how awesome until they see her suck some serious, serious face with sleazy dude. Though of all the ways to go, at least this one leaves a smile on their face. Yeah, you’re going to like this show. You’re going to like this show a lot.

But poor Bo doesn’t know exactly what she is, besides a gal who can quite literally kill people with a kiss. So our titular Lost Girl finally is introduced to the hidden world of the Fae, a supernatural species which she never knew she belonged to. But now she knows, with a vengeance. Buckle up, kids, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


Have you met this gal Bo? She wears a lot of leather. Like a lot of leather. And she is beautiful. Like really beautiful. And she can charm the pants off of pretty much everyone, including our Dr. Hotpants. Wait, have you met our Dr. Hotpants yet? No? Well let me introduce you. This is Lauren, she is an insatiably curious human doctor who works for the Light Fae. You may not know exactly what all the Light and Dark Fae stuff means yet, but you will know you’re already in love with Lauren. We all are. Just look at that grin. 


Mostly, I feel excited that all of you who have not had the chance to watch Lost Girl yet finally get to watch Lost Girl. And I hope, and believe, that now that you’ve had a taste you’ll become just as addicted as the rest of us. I mean, how could you not what with the sexy lady-on-lady flirting, kick-ass action, weird supernatural whatnots, hilarious sidekicks and one very delicious doctor?


My absolute, absolute favorite moment in this episode filled with great, great moments is when Lauren is examining Bo and she simply can’t contain her awe. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to see such unadorned female appreciation of the female form not done solely for male amusement. This is what it looks like when a woman is instinctively attracted to another woman. And it’s hot as hell.


The pilot was like an introductory tour of Bo’s powers. Ability to suck the most serious face possible? Check. Ability to control people with touch? You betcha. Ability to seduce entirely susceptible human doctors? Like you had to ask. Ability to fight her way out of a tight spot? Always — and in leather, no less.


“Learn to enjoy your shit already. You can freaking control people by touch, and not in a creepy hand job way. That is awesome!”


The first of many more to come, and thank whatever higher power you believe (or choose not to believe in) for that.

So, new and old Lost Girl fans alike, was it as good for you as it was for me?

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