A “Lost Girl” primer for its U.S. SyFy debut tonight


A whole new hidden world is about to be revealed to viewers across the United States. The supernatural series Lost Girl will debut on the American cable network SyFy at 10 p.m. today. With its premiere will open up the world of the Fae, a supernatural species that lives secretly alongside and feeds of of humans. The show’s titular heroine is Bo is a bisexual succubus who feeds off human’s sexual energy. She was raised by humans and never knew of her Fae heritage, leaving a trail of dead lovers with big smiles on their faces in her wake instead. Yeah, now you’re interested.

The series is in its second season on its Canadian home, Showcase. Last year SyFy picked up the show and plans to air at least the first two seasons, starting from the beginning. It has been compared to such cult hits as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and gained a world-wide following already.

For its gay female viewers, Lost Girl has given us one of TV’s first bisexual action heroines. Bo has had and fed off of male and female lovers, though her primary relationships have been with wolf shifter Dyson and human doctor Lauren. The love triangle is at the show’s center has fans divided into Team Lauren and Team Dyson camps. And from my completely unbiased and totally objective standpoint (cough, not really, cough), the Team Lauren camp has proven to be among the fans most ardent and loyal fans. Fans have also showered adulation on the show’s female leads: Anna Silk, who plays Bo, and Zoie Palmer, who plays Lauren.

For newcomers to the the series, or those who might enjoy a refresher, here is everything you need to know to get ready to enjoy the weird and wonderful world of Lost Girl.


Fae are supernatural creatures that live hidden alongside humans. They take many forms, some of them come straight off the pages of folklore and fairytales and others are more like the monsters under your bed. They all feed off humans in some form. They have been divided into Light and Dark, with the two sides currently in a fragile peace. The Ash leads the Light Fae and the Morrigan leads the Dark Fae.


Bo is an unaligned Fae, who has chosen not to join the Light or Dark sides. She works, kind of, as a private detective problem solver in the Fae world instead. As a succubus she feeds off human’s sexual energy, by draining of them of their chi via a kiss. And she can control people via touch, and not in a creepy hand job way. When she feeds or uses her Fae powers her eyes go blue. You’ll like it when her eyes go blue, trust me.


Kenzi is Bo’s human best friend. She is also hilarious. And tiny. You will love her, don’t even try to resist.


You can call her Dr. Hotpants, and you will. She is somewhat mysterious and has the best shy grin in television.


Dyson is a Light Fae wolf shifter, who works as a detective in the police department.


Hale is Dyson’s partner on the police department. He is also a Light Fae siren. If he whistles, you’ll know. Also, dude, his abs are crazy. Someone tell the boys at AfterElton.com.


The barkeep at the local watering hole, the Dal Riata. The bar is open to all Fae, Light and Dark, and even a few humans.


The shipper name people have given Bo and Lauren. Add it to your lexicon immediately. In fact use it in a sentence, a sentence like, “Damn, I want more hot Doccubus action.”

Looking for more? Here are two sneak peeks from SyFy to get you excited for the series.



Well, there you go. You’re all up to speed. Now go get your Fae on.

Lost Girl will begin airing at 10 p.m. Mondays on SyFy. It will continue airing its second season at 9 p.m. Sundays on Showcase in Cananda. Lost Girl SnapCaps for Season 2 run Tuesdays and Lost Girl Rewind SnapCaps of Season 1 will run Wednesdays on AfterEllen.com.

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