Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers on keeping Calzona happy


Callie and Arizona of Grey’s Anatomy placed third on our Cutest Couple of 2011 poll, and with good reason. Not only did they manage to make it through some tough times last season, but they also have had more on-screen sexy time than any lesbian pairings on primetime network television. And the good news is we can expect even more. At the ABC TCA party last night, producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers discussed the characters and their perfect coupling.

“I think their relationship — it’s in a really good place,” Beers said, “so I think one of the things we’re interested in doing is exploring that plus themselves as teachers, which, for a little bit, was not the area we were focusing on but, now, is something we’re really interested in doing. But we’re so excited about the relationship because we really feel those two characters work so well together and really have a solid base. It’s kind of cool.”

Rhimes promises a great Valentine’s Day episode, with a sexy scene. “They’re fighting with Mark about whose going to have the baby because who ever doesn’t have the baby gets to have sex,” Rhimes said. “They’re really good together. I feel like they have this great amazing chemistry.”

And Beers says she thinks the couple needs some happy times. “I feel like right now, those two deserve — given what they’ve gone through, traffic accidents, they had a baby, it was super premature, Callie went through a windshield — they should get a break. Two lovely women who are in love should actually get a tiny break!”

Fans will likely agree, although the couple is likely only stronger for having gone through all of the tough times of last season. But isn’t there a worry they could get a little boring?

“All I know is that Shonda has an amazing ability to make couples that seem like they might potentially get into a rut never fall into a rut,” Beers said. And Rhimes agreed: “We’ve been trying to play with them more together and enjoy the two of them as a couple. We all love to watch them. It’s been actually fun. I think Sara is a person I can write for endlessly. Jessica as well.”

Beers said that there’s an episode coming about an “alternative universe” that she’s excited about. “It’s Callie from a different point of view and I think that’s going to be really, really fun to watch.”

Rhimes and Beers have a new show coming to ABC mid-season called Scandal, starring Kerry Washington, and Beers said the show will be just as inclusive as Grey’s and Private Practice.

“Obviously, it’s very, very important and we’re committed in Shondaland to making sure everyone is portrayed as fabulous and equal in relationships, as you know,” Beers said. “It’s always something we’re thinking about.”