Liz Meriwether gives us the dish on the lesbian gyno coming to “New Girl”


Liz Meriwether created Fox’s New Girl and modeled her lead character, Jess, (played by Zooey Deschanel) after herself. However, the new lesbian gynecologist character coming to the show is likely fictional. June Diane Raphael plays Jess’ childhood friend who comes on to help Nick after he injures himself in a football game.

“She kind of comes on to help Nick through a health crisis and is Jess’ friend and confidant,” Meriwether told me during a set visit. But it won’t just be one episode: Meriwether said she hopes to have Raphael return for more. (“Hopefully a lot,” she said.)

Liz Meriwether

Here’s a shot Zooey tweeted of herself with New Girl star Hannah Simone, guest star Lizzy Caplan and June (far right).

“We have some ideas with her coming on with Schmidt, in one episode Schmidt refers vagina as ‘OSI’ — our shared interest,” Meriwether said. “We’re hoping to build on something where Schmidt goes to her for advice for making love to women.”

Raphael is a comedian and writer who, together with friend Casey Wilson, is behind the upcoming film Ass Backwards. The duo also penned the Anne Hathaway/Kate Hudson comedy Bride Wars. Raphael has played roles on Party Down and Happy Endings and is also going to be in the new Kristin Wiig film Imogene.

If you don’t watch New Girl, you can catch up on the nine episodes that have aired so far by reading our recaps. Then tune in January 17 for the introduction of the lesbian gyno on the episode “Injured.”