Cherry Jones and BD Wong fight for reality in “Awake”


One of NBC’s most promising shows of 2012 just got its premiere date (March 1). The stars and creators of Awake appeared on a panel at the networks’ recent TCA day, including out actress Cherry Jones, who plays a Dr. Evans, a therapist attempting to help Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) figure out his reality.

In one reality, a car accident occurred in which is wife died and his son survived. In the other reality, his wife survived but his son perished. This only changes based on when he’s asleep or when he’s awake. Cherry plays his therapist in one scenario; out actor BD Wong plays his therapist, Dr. Lee, in the other. Both attempt to convince him theirs is the only reality.

During the panel, Jones and Wong were asked if they root for their own reality to be “the one.”

Wong: She is not right. I am sure that she is not right. That’s all I can be sure of. … It’s really interesting and fun to play a character which is having an argument with someone who they never speak to.

Jones: Who they don’t even believe exists.

Wong: Yes. That we’re constantly arguing the lack of existence of the other person and we don’t ever get to actually express these things to them — to the person who we actually are refuting the existence of, that is, up until this point as we’ve shot only a few episodes. Who knows what would happen.

Jones: But we’re really like the Bobbsey Twins because we thought we’d never see each other but we always shoot usually

Wong: Immediately one after the other.

Jones: One after the other because we’re on the same stage. So we get to share notes, and I get to tell him that I think his approach is ridiculous.

Wong: And I covet her furniture.

Jones: Yeah.

It might sound confusing, but it’s just as confusing for Michael Britten. But he doesn’t want to choose a reality in which he loses one of his family members, so he continues to co-exist in both world. This includes the different partners he has in his day job as a cop. In one reality, it’s Detective Isaiah “Bird” Freeman (Steve Harris); in the other, it’s Efrem Vega (Wilmer Valderrama).

Below is a brief interview with Jones and Wong about the show:


Besides the interesting plot and impeccable acting, it’s also great that both Jones and Wong are out gay actors who have big roles in the network show.

Will you watch Awake when it premieres on March 1?