Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth talk “The Real L Word” Season 3


Reality show production team Magical Elves, aka Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth, were at NBC’s TCA day to talk about their new venture, Fashion Star, but I grabbed them at the nighttime party to find out what I could about the upcoming season of Showtime’s The Real L Word, a show they have been behind since the beginning.

This season, the show will go bi-coastal with “characters,” as the producers refer to them, in both Los Angeles and New York. Casting is still underway with a few months to go before filming, but here’s what they could tell me.

Who will be returning?

Definitely Whitney, Romi and Kacy and Cori. Others still could, too, but the producers didn’t say. But what they did say is some of our “favorite characters” from Season 1 could be involved. Cutforth said, “We do have some pretty good bombshells in the season. Some really great storylines around old favorites. I think one of the things that is really cool about the show is there is so much to the lesbian lifestyle and culture to explore and we still feel even three seasons in there’s so many stories to tell. So I think the way the show’s evolved so characters recur season to season and new stories come in has enabled it to stay really fresh while still delivering what people love about that show and the kind of consistency of those recurring characters.”

What are they looking for in New York?

Jane says there’s been an overwhelming response, but they are really just looking to show the difference in the cities and their lesbian scenes. “There’s strong opinions about the New York lesbian scene versus the Los Angeles lesbian scene and I think we’re looking to represent both clearly and distinctly from one another. So we don’t want to do the same storylines and same kinds of characters in New York. I’m from New York City so I know in broader, general terms the difference between New York and Los Angeles.”

Are they looking for an engaged couple?

Dan says they aren’t ruling “anything out,” but Jane did mention that gay marriage becoming legal in the state is a very exciting change for lesbians that live there. “I mean I definitely think it’s something interesting to explore. We explored it a little bit in terms of Season 1 to Season 2 and now there are big changes that have occurred.”

Will Kaci and Cory have their baby on screen?

They haven’t talked about it with the couple yet, but, again, Dan says they aren’t ruling it out!. “Yeah, there’s a lot going on with those guys, for sure,” he said. Jane added, “We’re very excited about that storyline because I think people are very invested in Kaci and Cory and their struggle and there’s a payoff and how’s it going to happen and how are they going to feel about all that. Obviously having a baby is an enormous life-changing event.

Who do you hope is coming back for Season 3? Do you want to see lesbians giving birth on television?