And the cutest couple of 2011 is …


A couple of weeks ago, we asked: Who’s the cutest couple of 2011? And boy, did you ever answer! After passionate debate here on — as well as Twitter, Tumblr, and fan forums all across the internet — we received nearly 40,000 votes in our inaugural poll! Below, we reveal the top five couples along with some of our favorite comments about what makes these couples the cutest.

5) Maura and Jane, Rizzoli & Isles

Amber says:

I am seriously torn between Callie and Arizona and Rizzoli and Isles! I love both couples sooo much! Callie and Arizona are like the fictionally real lesbian relationship I aspire to have. But I sincerely enjoy the palpable sexual tension on Rizzoli & Isles. It’s like you know that they are going to end up together in the end. I mean honestly who touches and scrutinizes their platonic best friend’ chest or body in general that much?

Katie says:

I’ve never seen so much response/awareness from the powers-that-be with a subtext couple as we have with Rizzoli and Isles/Tess Gerritsen/Janet Tamaro/SASHA ALEXANDER. I have absolutely no issues with anyone who doesn’t like the show or the couple or even the constant yapping about it from those of us who do, but please don’t begrudge us our hopes and dreams. 🙂 I see what you’re all saying about wanting to show support for a “real,” openly acknowledged couple, but I think it would also be really cool to see a show that reaches a wider demographic than just the gay ladies “come out” with such a lovable, adorable couple.

4) Jenny and Emma, Hand aufs Herz

SaturnaliaGirl says:

This was a terribly difficult decision, but in the end I had to go with Jemma, because nobody can be as cute as they were, but mostly because they presented the most consistent, well rounded, very well written storyline and truly spectacular acting-emoting from both actresses. Their facial expressions alone were worthy of a truck load of awards. And even though I’m not a big fan of the whole butch-femme dynamic, they were surprisingly free of stereotypes and usual B.S., and it was so well developed, had tons of physical expressions of love without any double standards compared to other couples. And now the images of Jenny´s space leggings, the pizza ballet, chocofresh and Emma’s smiling like the sun, will forever be in my mind.

Luanna says:

For me Jemma isn’t only the cutest TV couple in 2011, but also for eternity. [Jemma felt like the] first time I could really cheer with a couple. Jemma is something special. Every scene is like a dream, but more amazing. I can’t describe all my emotions while I watch Jemma. Every time I watched Jemma, I believe THAT is the highlight of all, but it always got better. The whole story of Jemma is so rich with details. They are cuteness overload.

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