An interview with “Lost Girl” star Zoie Palmer


Canadian actress Zoie Palmer won over Lost Girl viewers as the insatiably curious human doctor, Dr. Lauren Lewis, the minute she picked up a clipboard. Since that moment her hand lingered a little too long on Bo’s back, Palmer’s Lauren has become a fan favorite for her calm, loyal, gentle demeanor and soft, expressive brown eyes. How could our resident succubus Bo (played by Anna Silk) not fall for her? But in the second season, complications have arisen in the form of Lauren’s girlfriend, Nadia, who is no longer in a coma.

The series, about the supernatural world of the Fae who hide and feed off humans and its bisexual succubus heroine who refuses to pick a side, is poised to break into the United States big-time when it premiers of the American cable network SyFy Jan. 16. On its Canadian home network Showcase, the series just completed the winter finale of its second season, and will return for the second half on Jan. 22. Palmer spoke with while on break from filming Lost Girl about Bo and Lauren’s future, the show’s popularity and exactly how many marriage proposals she’s received from her female fans. Let’s start with a super, super softball and ask, are you Team Lauren or Team Dyson and how do you feel fans have responded to the show’s central love triangle?

Zoie Palmer: Well, I have to say I’m Team Lauren. But I think it’s kind of fantastic how the fans have responded. It was a surprise a little bit that there was such a reaction — a great surprise. One of the things we’ve all noticed is how committed and dedicated and passionate and vocal the fans are about the show as a whole and about that specific dynamic, that triangle. It has been great. There’s so much energy around it that finds its way on set, that vibe. They contribute to the show, I think.

AE: There’s also a new triangle in town, the Bo-Lauren-Nadia thing. Was that development a surprise to you and how do you think that has affected the dynamic?

ZP: I didn’t know that was happening. I learned in order of the scripts when that came about so I was surprised. I didn’t know how the storyline of Lauren would unfold with respect to her debt to the Light Fae and the Ash. I think it’s kind of interesting. It adds a whole other dimension to Lauren and her relationship with Bo. It throws a wrench in for sure. I know that people have responded pretty strongly. Some people are really against Nadia already, having not really met her or having a real sense of her. It’s still pretty new.

AE: Yeah, she isn’t exactly a fan favorite right now, I’d say.

ZP: [Laughs] No, I don’t think that she is either. Poor Athena, who plays Nadia. There’s been a bit of a reaction. But some people seem open minded. So we’ll see.

AE: Do you wish that Lauren and Bo had a little more quality time together before Nadia was un-comaed?

ZP: I don’t know. I mean, I think that the idea, the hope is that the show goes a long time. So I think that they are taking their time with it for a reason. I think that perhaps they want to unfold that storyline slowly. So I don’t know. There have been some really great scenes between Bo and Lauren that I’ve loved playing. I like Anna Silk so much. We have such a great time together on set. I don’t know. I know if you ask fans the answer to that question would they absolutely want more things to have happened between Bo and Lauren before something else came in the works. But I don’t know that it is all over yet. You know. I don’t know that Bo and Lauren are done just yet.

AE: And we’re only half way through the second season. How much did you know about Lauren’s backstory before you took the role, and if you didn’t know that much was that a challenge for you?

ZP: I knew very, very little. I knew exactly what you guys knew. I knew that she had a connection to the Ash, but I didn’t know why. So it is a challenge. But you know what, I’d never done that before, had to play somebody where I had so little information about the history of them, especially in a show like this where that’s so important. And it was kind of great. Like, it was challenging but also great because I got the luxury to make some choices that I wouldn’t have been able to make if I had all the information. I had to make choices on how to play certain scenes kind of in my head a little bit. It was fun to do that.

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