“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.13): The thing the things that go bump in the night are scared of


Don’t you hate it when the women you might be in love with borrows your car to go on a road trip with the woman she might be in love with while you wait at home and decide to confront the man who might be a supervillan only to discover he’s not a supervillain and you’re the key to defending, oh I don’t know, the entire damn world? Yeah, I hate that, too. But that’s the position our poor Bo found herself in when Lauren left after the first minute and 40 seconds of this week’s episode with Nadia in Bo’s car and Bo spent the rest of her time scheming how to kick the Ash’s ass for deceiving her. Oh, and Trick went into a crazy trance and learned the thing that Faes fear is indeed back. Merry Succubus Christmas, everyone.


Well, Bo wears a tank top again. And we have that brief glimpse of Lauren, her hair all soft in the light and falling in gentle curls against the beautiful soft brown of her leather jacket. Then Nadia shows up and, while I don’t know her personally, I feel safe saying for all of us, “Why aren’t you still in a coma, you horrible Docc-blocker.” But, you know, in a respectful way.

Bo also wears a pretty kick-ass full-length velvet coat while brandishing a broadsword. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. Oh, and then there’s that moment when we get two Bos for the price of one. And one is in menswear, no less. Yeah.


Bo learning that Lauren recommitted herself to the new Ash was an inevitable plot twist. And her reaction was pretty expected as well. Of course, she’s going to be pissed. Of course, she’s going to confront him. Then there was the equally expected twist of Dyson admitting he can’t love Ciara. So that potentially creates two love triangles: Bo-Lauren-Nadia and Bo-Dyson-Ciara. Which is what? A love polygon? But the bigger twist of the Ash we all thought was really bad being really good was somewhat less expected. And the thought of Bo becoming a champion for all the Ash, Light and Dark, is also a pleasant surprise. So now, after a lot of hemming and hinting, we finally have a clearer idea of what’s coming for our little Bo-Bo. Which, pretty much, is to save the world. How very Buffy of her.


While this still isn’t entirely the Lauren we know and love so much, I feel Dr. Hotpants showed definite flashes of the gentle, kind woman we remember. OK, sure, asking someone only weeks (days – it’s hard to tell the exact timeline) after ripping each other’s tank tops off to borrow her car so you can go on very special road trip with your girlfriend is a tad tacky. But then there was that moment when Bo’s hand touched Lauren’s and you saw it all bubble up in an instant. There is it, the emotion and conflict we’ve been asking for, finally brought to the surface in a gentle welling up of the eyes. There’s the sign that it wasn’t all in our (or Bo’s) head. Of course she follows up with a don’t call me, I won’t call you. But for those seconds we knew. It mattered. It still matters.


Sword-wielding bad-ass Bo’s assertion that the new Ash wasn’t “the first dumbass to underestimate me” was a lovely cathartic moment for us fans. But this week’s biggest reveals were finally a glimpse into what will be coming in the second half of the season. And it’s big and has some crazy-ass fire wings. The Garuda, otherwise known as the things to Fae that Fae are to humans, are back in a big way. The emergence of this new big bad half way through the second season sets the stage for a pretty epic showdown between the forced of Light and Dark and the forces of even darker. And if I was a betting woman, I’d wager that Bo’s Super Succubus powers will come in quite handy down the road. I mean, think of the chi she’d be able to suck off of that thing. She wouldn’t have to boink for a year off that firepower.


“Did you ever have a job writing Hallmark cards? Because you should. You’ve got some really good lines, hombre.” – Kenzi

Though, really, if we’re being honest with ourselves, Bo had the best line this week when the Ash told her about the Garuda:

“I don’t suppose that’s a smoked cheese, is it?” – Bo


You’ve got to hand it to Trick, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on a word Bo was saying at that eye level.

So, excited to see what this Garuda business is all about? Wondering when the hell Lauren will get back from her road trip? And how about Bo’s jacket? Pretty awesome, no?

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