“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.12): It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to


Remember when Bo finally got over Dyson and we were all like, “Yay, that’s the end of Emo Bo!” Just kidding. Emo Bo is back. Nadia is back. Kenzi is back with her grade-school beau. And Dyson is buying a house with his back-up girlfriend. So now everyone has a love connection except our little sad Succubus. Perhaps we should rename the show Lonely Girl instead. Really, this whole episode was a slow, dreadful creep toward our worst fears for us Doccubus fans. Bo’s decision to go on the selfless (and thankless, literally) mission to remove Nadia’s cursing nail whisked her to Africa, Madagascar and back to Africa all in an afternoon thanks to some nifty Fae travel perks. But it was really our emotions that got taken for the biggest ride.


It’s not every day you have an episode where two women kiss and it’s basically the polar opposite of AfterEllen Bait. But Bo removing the cursing nail that had Nadia in her coma resulted in perhaps the least welcome lady lip-lock on TV this year. And while Nadia is very pretty and all, I’m so not on that ship.


You know what I hate? I hate that conceit where someone does something incredibly brave/selfless/heroic/dangerous for another person, but is not allowed to tell that person about doing the brave/selfless/heroic/dangerous act in the first place. It’s one of those story devices that must seem awfully clever in the writers’ room, but only serves to annoy the viewers. Well, at least this viewer. As soon as the new Ash told Bo how to lift the curse on Nadia, I knew there had to be a twist. So of course Bo can’t tell Lauren about the amazing thing she is doing for her, and of course it’s dumb because it’s one of those generic obstacles thrown in the way of characters many viewers think should be together. So now maybe I know how all those Team Dyson folks feel about the Norn. We are now all Bo standing in that doorway.


Um, it doesn’t count if only the Doc in this bus is getting any action. Once Bo accepted the mission to uncurse Nadia, we knew it wouldn’t end well. But this ending was combination heartbreak and blow off. Something felt seriously off with Lauren’s treatment of Bo, almost chilly. We know Lauren has been wrestling with mixed emotions for Bo. While Lauren loves Nadia and has been waiting for her five long years, she also clearly has feelings for – at the very least a strong attraction to – Bo. Yet none of that latter came through once Nadia is out of her coma. It’s all just immediate tonsil hockey.

Also, tacky much showing up at Bo’s party hand-in-hand with Nadia without letting them at least meet in private together first? She’s all, “Look at me show up at the birthday party of the gal I just had rip-your-clothes-off sex with my newly conscious girlfriend all lovey-dovey, hand-holdy. Oh, and I brought you a super impersonal steel death star for a present. Who wants cake?” While Zoie Palmer remains phenomenal, the writing for Lauren this season has been schizophrenic, to say the least. Sometimes she’s compassionate, sometimes she’s cold, sometimes she’s fierce, sometimes she’s fragile.

Also, considering Lauren re-pledging herself to a life of servitude with the Light Fae was the very last thing Bo wanted, I think our Succubus will be even sadder here pretty soon. Remember when this show was super sexy?


So Bo goes on a treacherous, globe-folding mission to help remove Nadia’s cursing nail. And she brings her new sidekick Dyson along with her. And, just to drive the point home that they’re “friends” who used to be “more than friends,” Dyson called Bo “friend” so many times I felt like screaming, “Say friend again!” at my screen. Then as far as climactic moments go, pulling out a nail isn’t the most heroic imagery I can think of. General carpentry isn’t exactly slaying a dragon, even if metaphorically they’re similar.

Discovering that it was the Ash himself that had Nadia cursed wasn’t too big of a shock. In fact, many of you had guessed that earlier. What is more surprising is the new Ash’s motivations. It seems he gave both Lauren and Bo good intel, at least for now, so his motivation appeared to be just getting Lauren to give her service to the Light. We know old Mr. Head-in-a-Box must have more nefarious motivations down the line, but what?

Oh, and on a side note, how about Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) from Warehouse 13 popping up as Kenzi’s boy-who-got-away? Can we get more presumed-deceased former Warehouse agents on the show please? Like, say, one Jaime Murray to rescue her from her criminal under-use on Ringer?


“I think it’s karma. Or kismet. Or some other K word that means we were meant to meet again.”


A little bonus arm and collar-bone porn with your view this week? Don’t mind if I do.

So, what did you think about the Lauren-Nadia reunion? How do you feel about the way she treated Bo? Can’t a succubus get a little happy this season?

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