Gay Girl’s Goggles “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.11): Bring Kalinda to Me. Now.


This week’s episode of The Good Wife was the last before the holiday break and so, of course, we got a (sort of) cliffhanger. But we also got a look at the aftermath of last week’s events and a nice setup for the rest of the season.


As much as we enjoy moments of Dalinda, Dana is really a biatch when things don’t go her way. In fact, the thing that she and Cary seem to have most in common is their tendency to pout when they’re crossed. Kalinda, as usual, keeps her cool anyway — in the sexiest possible way.


Love that smile. Kalinda obviously knows never to trust a woman with a side ponytail — even one who looks hot in a suit. Personally, I think Dana just wants to snap a pair of handcuffs on Kalinda.


Was it just me, or did you get a bad feeling from the way Will responds when Alicia wants to make sure things won’t be awkward in the office? You know, after she thanks him for being cool and he says, “You have no reason to thank me, Alicia, no reason at all.” Is he being condescending or trying to cover his ass or what? I don’t think Alicia knows, either.


Giving up Will leaves Alicia with time on her hands while the kids are with Peter. Even though I don’t quite buy Alicia doing housework to combat boredom, I’ve never been so inspired by a woman staring into her refrigerator.

Owen suggests Alicia look up her old friends, which bores her even more. She needs Kalinda back — and we know it. The ice begins to break once Alicia learns that Kalinda is the one who tracked down Grace last week. When Kalinda gets arrested for jury harassment, Alicia volunteers to go bail her out. But the D.A.’s office is playing games to avoid a bail hearing — and Alicia is not having it.

And I have a new bedtime prayer: “Bring Kalinda to me. Now.”

Things are still awkward with Kalicia, but we’re hopeful that Alicia’s expression of gratitude to Kalinda is a first step toward reconciliation. Kalinda hopes so, too, judging by her grin when Alicia offers to help interview the jurors.

The look on Diane’s face is awesome.


Anika Noni Rose continues as Wendy Scott-Carr with the world’s creepiest frozen smile. This week we discover her endgame: She’s not after Will but Peter Florrick, to whom she lost the race for D.A. Will refuses to help — and won’t talk to her without a lawyer. Wendy is not happy, but this sets up an interesting scenario for the second half of the season.

Boardwalk Empire‘s Lisa Joyce appears as Lisa Banner, juror and blogger for “Lisa’s World of Buttons.” After feigning interest in buttons so intently, no wonder Kalinda’s not too upset to be in jail.


When Diane asks Alicia for a talk, anything can happen. But apparently, Diane has Alicia’s best interests at heart; she offers to be a friend and advisor as Alicia sets her sights on partnership. After the firm stance Diane took with Will, I was afraid Alicia’s career might suffer, but that seems not to be the case. And the woman-to-woman solidarity talk hearkened back to earlier days of the show — in a good way. Even though we’d much rather see Kalinda and Alicia drinking together at the end of the day, Diane certainly is an ally worth cultivating.

We have questions about where the increased tension between the D.A.’s office and Lockhart-Gardner will lead, but the tide seems to be shifting in favor of the firm.

What did you think of this episode of The Good Wife? Do you like Diane and Alicia as friends? Will Kalinda be joining them at the bar soon? What do you expect for the rest of the season?

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