Vote now: Who is the cutest TV couple of 2011?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Time to look back at the past 12 months and decide who was the cutest couple of 2011! We’ve got a quick refresher for you below. Take a good, hard look at the year in lesbian ladies because we’re asking you to choose the couple that made your heart hammer hardest and your head spin the swirliest. Seriously, you might want to sit down before you start scrolling through; it was a good year for lady loves.

Once you’ve voted, tell us who you voted for and why in the comments. We’ll feature the best comments when we reveal the five cutest couples. Voting will be open until December 26th.

Marissa and Bianca, All My Children

In the waning days of ABC’s beloved soap, the Minx kingdom was born. Long-loved lesbian Bianca and formerly-straight lawyer Marissa went from mild flirting to wild kidnapping to true love. AMC may have met a sad end, but Bianca and Marissa lived happily ever after.

Maura and Jane, Rizzoli & Isles

Move over, Booth and Brennan. Step out of the way, Castle and Beckett. There’s a new crime-solving power-couple in town — and every week they catch the bad guy while making us melt into a puddle of swoon. Maura has the brains. Jane has the swagger. We have the vapors.

HG and Myka, Warehouse 13

You don’t need a time machine — or any kind of madcap technology, actually — to see the crazy chemistry between Victorian author/inventor H.G. Wells and Secret Service Agent Myka. Wells has said that in the past, “many” of her lovers were men. Many. Not all. Now let’s doing something about lovers in the present!

Emily and Maya, Pretty Little Liars

Maya was Emily’s first love. Actually, no, that’s not true. Maya was Emily’s first love who wasn’t also a homicidal maniac/ninja ghost from the future. They played footise, they held hands — and then Maya got shipped off to Juvie Camp. But now she’s back in Emily’s life, smiling like the sun and promising to stick around.

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