“Glee” previews its Christmas episode with holiday cheer


Have yourself a very Merry Gleemas! Two new previews from next week’s big Christmas episode were released today. If you weren’t in the holiday spirit before, I defy you to not feel a little holly and jollier after watching these two clips. Also, our favorite Glee ladies look like they’re posing for a couples Christmas card in preview pictures.

The first clip features Mercedes leading the New Directions in tree trimming and “All I Want for Christmas.”


Last week gave us the Brittango, next week gives us the Brittinsel.

Granted, I’d trade 100 tinsel hugs, hand holds, pinky links and neck nuzzles for just one really good kiss under the mistletoe. But, these days on Glee, I’ll take whatever Brittany and Santana slightly more than platonic interactions I can get. Sigh.

In the second preview, those irrepressible Glee kids cheer up a room-full of little kids with presents and song. I’m not going to say I had a Grinch-like heart expansion happen. I’m just going to say I haven’t slept enough this week and am therefore easily susceptible to emotional manipulation through holiday music.


Come on, even Sue Sylvester liked that one. What I like about both videos, though particularly the last, is the focus on the ensemble. It’s a club, not a solo act, and all these voices working together is often what makes Glee work best.

So, have these two songs made you feel merry and bright? Are you ready for the Christmas extragleeza? And, I don’t mind telling you, all I want for Christmas is a Brittana kiss.

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