Gay Girl’s Goggles — “Pan Am” SnapCap 1.10: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


The world is upside down, you guys. Sunday night’s Pan Am was waaaay better than Once Upon a Time. In fact, it was so much better — and such a good, solid hour of female-driven TV — that I can feel myself spiraling into a cancellation depression, ’cause there’s just no way this thing’s going to make it. Damn you, Captain Dean! This is all your fault!


Let’s see, we’ve got Collette skiving off work to learn how to fly a plane, Kate pushing back against the CIA, Maggie standing up for nuclear disarmament, and Laura “spilling” a cup of steaming coffee onto the lap of a misogynistic pilot. That’s four grrrl-powered thumbs up!


I still feel like Dean is the most boring character on primetime and not at all worthy of my beloved Collette’s affection, but his parents’ farm sure made a nice backdrop for Collette’s beautiful face. (Feeling: Smitten!) Finding myself rooting for Laura and Ted was a bit of a surprise, but that bumbling co-captain is pretty golden on the inside, huh? (Feeling: Shock!) But most of my feelings were reserved for Maggie and Kate. When Maggie lit that Congressman’s fascist nuclear speech on fire, I actually cheered. Because Maggie is an insane person, but at least she’s consistent. (Feeling: Adoration!) Oh, and Kate. She thinks she can call in sick to Spying like some kind of Pan Am pilot, but no! Not only is she suckered back into the Cold War, she’s actually forced to shoot a gun at a Soviet spy at the end of the episode. (Feeling: Excitement!)


I can’t be the only person watching Laura traipse around in her ’60s underoos and feel overwhelmingly intimidated at the prospect of having to unfasten all those fasteners on someone else. Hell, I’m so clumsy I’d never have been able to get myself into and out of those things.


Ah, here’s the rub. Pan Am has hit some and Pan Am has missed some and Pan Am has induced narcoleptic seizures in some, but as its short lifespan draws to a close, I’m reminded that it has been the most Bechdel Test-friendly show on TV this season. If it really does get cancelled, I hope network executives don’t sit around going, “People won’t watch shows about empowered, independent women.” ‘Cause that will make me pull a Maggie and set some s–t on fire.

What did you think of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”? Are you sad ABC is probably going to pull Pan Am?

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