Gay Girl’s Goggles — “The Good Wife” SnapCap 3.10: Follow-through


What a strange episode of The Good Wife. I got brain whiplash from trying to connect the random stories. Yet, somehow, it worked — and turned out to be one of the better eps of the season.


Kalinda is made of awesome — and we see her in action this week, even though she doesn’t get a lot of screen time. Dana is still trying to play Kalinda to get information. But Kalinda is getting a little tired of Dana’s game.


Give me a player with follow-through any time.

We also get a glimpse of how much Kalinda genuinely cares for Alicia, when she overhears that Grace is missing. Kalinda jumps into action, getting a trace on Grace’s phone and tracking her down.

On a hunch, she finds Grace at church being baptized. She tells Grace not to let Alicia know who found her, but I’m hoping this is the first step toward reconciliation. I miss Kalinda and Alicia.


Poor Alicia goes through the ringer this week. We’ve seen her Mommy senses kicking in big-time the past few weeks and when this episode starts with a bad dream about Grace crying for help, we know something very bad is about to happen. Alicia was close enough to the edge that not being able to reach Grace sends her into a panic. Man, I hate seeing Alicia cry.

As mothers often do, Alicia blames herself — and eventually blames her affair with Will for taking her away from her kids. The sight of her black silk gown throws her into a guilty rage. It’s always the lingerie that suffers.

Breaking up with Will was inevitable, but that didn’t make it easier to watch. Poor Alicia. Poor Will. Poor negligee.


Yes, that staid woman in the conservative suit with her hair in a bun is Deb Morgan Jennifer Carpenter, although without the string of F-bombs, she’s hard to recognize.

Carpenter is Pamela Raker, a Bible-thumping English lit professor (oxymoron, anyone?) who gets fired for being a homophobe. What a sympathetic character. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens to Pammy when the hair comes down. Think “follow-through.”

Grace Rex returns as Martha, the associate candidate Alicia wanted to hire when in-house politics gave the job to Caitlin. Martha took a lower-paying job working for Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox), whose firm was opposing counsel for this week’s case. I really like the idea of Martha being Caitlin’s nemesis, so I hope she is a recurring character.

The always-welcome John Michael Higgins appears as an arbitrator (“not arbiter, for those of you taking notes”) and the not-so-welcome-anymore Anika Noni Rose is back as Wendy Scott-Carr.


So, Wilicia is over, at least for now, and Diane toasts to Will’s integrity for putting the good of the firm above his affair with Alicia — right after Alicia dumps him.

Even though I didn’t much care for Will & Alicia together, I still feel sorry for him and his puppy dog eyes. Love hurts. And I doubt the end of the affair will mean much in terms of the D.A.’s investigation of Will – Ms. Scott-Carr is on a mission. Things are about to get interesting on that front, now that Eli knows about the investigation and thinks Alicia needs to know, too.

I can’t help wondering what Alicia’s renewed commitment to her family will mean for her and Peter. The two obviously still care deeply for each other, but does getting back together after so much cheating ever work? And how will Alicia view the investigation of Will and the firm?

What do you think? Are you glad Alicia ended things with Will? Do you think she and Kalinda will get back together?

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