Brittana tango for the Troubletones on “Glee”


So I am going to show you something and you will find it perfectly pleasant and entirely enjoyable for the first 52 seconds. Then, at the 53rd second, you are going to flip freaking out. I mean it. And for the next 11 seconds everything will be Brittana and nothing will hurt. Right, so are you clear on the sequence of events? Great, because this is the Troubletones performance of “Survivor/I Will Survive” for Tuesday night’s episode of Glee. Ready? Press play.


Yes, that is Santana and Brittany ballroom dancing! Yes, those are 11 seconds of Brittango (hat tip, blueashke). Yes, they even dip each other. Yes, it’s so hot. Yes, you stopped reading this and rewound it again. That’s OK, I’ll wait. (Also, international friends, please enjoy a region-free version here.)

Now, granted, I don’t think this entire number is as powerful or masterful as the Troubletones Adele mash-up from two episodes again. That still stands as one of my favorite, if not my very favorite, Glee performance of all time. But it’s certainly is some much-needed wish fulfillment for all the Brittana fans left cold by last week’s “I Kissed a Ballot – And Maybe a Girl But I’ll Never Show You” episode. Santana finally put on that shirt and danced with Brittany. OK, not the shirt part, but damn did they ever dance.

Though, thank the TV gods for that 11 seconds of Brittango, because otherwise I can’t be the only one who feels the choreography on that number is a little, um, flail-y. There’s no way the same person choreographed all those perfect snaps and expert turns from “Rumour Has It/Someone Like You” and the drunken monkey arms from “Suvivor/I Will Survive.” Or, more likely, the writers couldn’t think of another realistic way for New Directions to beat the Troubletones. And don’t get me started on Finn’s smug little, “We got this.” As if last week’s Hero Hudson: King of the Intervention Outings wasn’t insufferable enough.

The folks at Glee also released performance video from New Directions. No, not their sectional number, but their welcome back number for Sam when he rejoins the group. It is set to Toby Keith’s “Red Solo Cup.” Not being a fan of contemporary country myself, my main enjoyment from this clip was watching Kurt’s WTF face throughout.


Oh, yeah, that Santana bit at the end was pretty damn worth it, too. I’m glad to see coming out hasn’t made Santana any less awesome. In fact, it may have even honed her skills.

So, thoughts on the two performance? Thoughts on the Brittango? Does this soothe the rage from what many thought was a mishandled coming out for Santana? Or are you passed out dead on the floor like her at the end of the performance instead? Discuss.

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