“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.11): Three is a crowd


Yep, it was Delgado who has secretly been conspiring with Little T to win her cases and keep him out of jail. She killed the witness. She is a bad, bad lady and not in the fun kind of bad way. So Jane cuffs her, and makes them extra tight for the added offense of making eyes at her girlfriend.

Case solved, justice served, everyone winds up at the Dirty Robber for a drink and some flirting. In fact, it’s kind of like a big family reunion. Jane and Maura are side-by-side, obviously. And Korsak and Mama R act like their approving parents. Maura even tries to help this hook-up happen, by saying how much of a “badge bunny” Mama R has become.

This earns a swift kick from Jane. Maura whines that Jane bruised her “extensor hallucis longus.” Don’t get too excited – I looked it up, it’s just her ankle muscle. Then Maura threatens to bruise another part of Jane’s body. And a frisky game of handsy ensues before the screen fades to black. Yep, those two are definitely using that bedroom door lock tonight.

Which Maura was your favorite Maura this episode?

Now, onto your #gayzzoli tweets. Absence definitely made all our desire for subtext grow fonder.

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